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Music touches our emotions. Emotions are the language of the soul. Songs have many dimensions which may touch us; the voice, the melody, the musical arrangement, the lyrics or simply the way the whole song makes us feel. Whatever intangible quality permeates your being, it is my hope that you allow yourself to be touched at this deeper level, beyond the physical confines of this costume that we call a body. When the spirit harmonizes with the body, we become whole. I have heard that in advanced meditation, a person is able to look so deep within themself that they see a blue flame (their soul) . May these songs help you see that blue flame on your life quest of rediscovering YOU.

bruce wil- LIAM ciccarelli

Liam’s music has drawn comparisons to the sounds of Cat Stevens and Jim Croce. After spending over 10 years on the indy rock circuit , he has returned to his acoustic ballad roots and put his efforts towards his own solo career dealing with the purity of the sound that comes from the acoustic guitarist and his voice where a song must be able to stand on it’s own.

Liam’s debut CD – finding id , is a collection of songs that reflects our common journey – a journey to find ourselves. Born in 1965 in St.Catharines , Ont, and living now in Cornwall , Ont. Since 1990, Liam is a seasoned veteran with over 2 decades of music experiences, fine tuned in churches, choirs, rock bands, studios and as a producer to several local artist who record in his home studio.

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NEW CD release in 2011 .......... look for it.........