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Lindley Creek Bluegrass

Lindley Creek Bluegrass
The Greer Family
Time together – That is the focus of Lindley Creek- In a day when families are busy with all the activities of society, The Greer Family is sticking together and picking together. The ball games, recitals and club meetings have been replaced with family, music and travel. They make their own TEAM; four family members working together to make good music and to encourage others through song.
You may wonder if this family band started because Dad and Mom were already into bluegrass. The answer is “NO”. John and Kathie (parents) always had a great love for country music, but when their oldest son, Tate (now married and starting his own family in Rolla, Missouri) started repeating some of the lyrics, they decided to rethink their choice in music. An old banjo was located and new strings were installed. Next was a trip to the local music store for lessons. After two lessons it was obvious that he had talent for the instrument. John and Kathie decided that Tate was going to play the banjo with or without them. They chose “with”! At the age of 35 and 33, Dad and Mom began to learn upright acoustic bass and acoustic rhythm guitar.
As the two younger kids got older, they each started a bluegrass instrument. Jase (18) plays fiddle and Katie (15) is the mandolin player. Attending local “jam sessions” was the highlight of the week for this family. It was a wonderful experience as older pickers encouraged the children to keep on playing their instruments.
Every member of the family has a strong lead voice and has learned to sing harmony to compliment each other’s voices. It gives this band the benefit of having a great variety in their sound. What better way to be a team than to sing together?
Kathie has developed a love for sharing her thoughts through the songs she writes. The band currently performs 13 songs that she has written and each song has its own unique message.
Many doors have been opened for the Greer Family. They are now a full-time touring band. From a few local gigs, their bookings have grown to include venues in twenty-one states, Canada and Costa Rica. They share their message of family togetherness where ever they go. Encouraging other families to stick together is their passion and faith in God is their life.