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Logan from the Future

Logan is a time-traveler. He was born from the union of a drifting hustler and a princess in the year 3027. Time-travel had been outlawed by then, but the Empire still retained a secret government task force of time-travelers formed specifically to monitor the past. Logan was a member of this task force. The Chaos that uncontrolled time-travel created had made the task force necessary because it was discovered that events in the past were just as malleable and unpredictable as events in the present. Though non-government time-travel had been completely eradicated, one forgotten detail could cause the re-invention of time-travel by a lone actor in the past. This invention had to be prevented in all cases if the future universe was to go on peacefully.

But something went wrong that the task force monitoring team overlooked. A crazy player in the year 2003 discovered an ancient time-travel secret, by accident, as he was blunted in his crib with a woman named Kardashian. All that was known about the secret was that it involved the propagation of a time-ripple without any need of an actual time machine.

Logan was commissioned to go back in time and neutralize this player before things got out of hand. He was chosen for the mission because he was an expert on the era in question and, with his natural 21st century rhyming skills, Logan could blend into the hip hop scene there and complete the mission without arousing any suspicion. Indeed, he could even tell people that he was from the future, because nobody would believe him. Logan successfully located and killed the player but then, as he bent down to see who he had killed, he discovered that the player he killed looked just like him! He realized he had been sent back to destroy himself (or rather a parallel-universe version of him)! He switched clothes with his dead double and that way faked his own death. Now Logan lives amongst us, hunted by his former colleagues from the future task force, all the while spitting fire on the streets of NYC. He has determined through reading his other version's notes that he must find a woman named Lopez or Ford, or at least a shorty with a similar ripple propagation capacity (ie, big ass) if he is ever to put the puzzle together and re-discover how his other version managed to time-travel without a time-machine. (His dead twin had a tattoo: "Doggie Ripple Effect creates Ripple in Time." Has to be a clue!) Only then can he stop the evil the Child Empire and free the 1000's of clones of himself imprisoned in the in the Empire's future dungeon. Until then, one of those clones will be sent back to kill him one at a time until Logan is dead. So be sure to report any impostors of Logan you see to the real Logan.

Logan's rhymes carry a message of the world to come. They are prophecies in code to all who listen closely. If you see Logan, be sure to let him know that you do not work for the Child Empire. Only if it is true, of course, because Logan can see through bullshit like glass...