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Love Lode

What do kids do when they skip school?drugs or booze maybe some other kind of trouble, Nope not these guys, they were actally encouraged to go to the music room by an icredible music teacher who saw their true potential. When the music room was unavailable, there was the theatre, the gym even closets or classrooms. guitarist (Robert Robinson) and bassist( Shayne Green) were students of the fine arts and artists such as Judas Priest ,Iron Maiden, Scorpions,Ozzy, mercyful fate and many others. Through their influences they tirelessly honed their skills and formed their vision of what music could sound like. With the addition of two local bad asses singer (Paul Lawrence) and drummer (Dan Carlson)That grade school band became (Passion Fatal) a super riffy prog/rock beast layered with copious amounts of high screaming vocals. Passion Fatal burned up the local scene for a while, gaining a substantial following, but alas.....all things must change. Being true musicians the couldn't keep writing the same songs over and over, the new songs evolved into something far more dynamic, more lyrical more melodic and heavier, With the music changing they felt it was time for a name change....the name......(Love Lode)...They were known as a live band, and their shows were becoming legendary. Everyone was drenched at the end of the show. They were soon touring from Canada to L.A. and recording some classic albums, but alas......all things must change. The recording of (B-songs) and the desicion not to release it, was a wake up call to the band that perhaps they were moving in different directions musically. When it came time to record (Machines) mucically they were more on the same page, but by that time there were different issues that hadn't been dealt with. When the tracks were all recorded, all the solos the vocals the special effects,...everything but the mix...........the band broke up.... Robert being the leader and primary songwriter formed a new band "R.A.R." (Robert Anthony Robinson) in his words it's like "prince meets yingwee meets marylin manson"and he's currently writing a new chapter of this story. In closing I believe all this music deserves to be heard, especially the previously unreleased albums. I will do everything in my power to make sure all the (Passion Fatal) (Love Lode) and (R.A.R) music sees the light of day................