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Born to a Hispanic/Asian mother and German father, LXFREESTYLE born on October 31,1974 in Walnut Creek, California, began singing at age 14. Teaching himself to sing by studying and following his major music influences like Stevie B, Coro, Johnny O, Timmy T and George Lamond. His vocals became stronger and soon he developed an interest in what was once called High NRG music. Now called freestyle and with his passion for music he began focusing on singing, songwriting, producing and entertaining. Not only a vocalist but also he plays piano, keyboard and trumpet.

Being raised in San Jose, California where most of the population in his hometown has and always will be in love with freestyle music. LXFREESTYLE decided to continue his love for this genre and proceed in singing and entertaining for a career. In 1997 LXFREESTYLE then known as LX recorded a single called “Jealousy” under the label Fascinating Records owned by Frank Perez (San Jose, CA). His single was released only in the Bay Area and became popular by demand on the local radio stations.

Two years later, he wrote and sang “Please Don’t Go” featuring Sudden Touch (San Jose, CA). His song is known to be on the compilation called “Y2K Freestyle”, signed by SBE Records (Side Busters Entertainment) owned by Kenny Moulton. During this time LX performed at charity events, clubs and was opening act at concerts. In 2001, LX recorded a remix of “Please Don’t Go” under the name Mecca and was added to the compilation “Summer Jams 2001” produced by himself and Kenny Moulton.

Having such a deep interest in freestyle music all of his life. LX became LXFREESTYLE to all his family and friends because he preferred playing freestyle music at all participating functions. He ran with the name and it later stuck, everyone came to know him as LXFREESTYLE. In the year 2008, now as LXFREESTYLE and after a six year break from performing and recording music. LXFREESTYLE wanted a fresh start in his singing career so he started his own record label called KAW Records (San Jose, CA). All year he was dedicated and worked on his first album called “Never Too Late” released in January 2009. His album includes the song and a remix of “Please Don’t Go”, which is even more popular today. This song is on a 2009 released compilation named “Freestyle Volume 37” produced by ZYX Music (Germany).

The album “Never Too Late” includes fresh beats of freestyle music mixed with other genres such as pop, dance,R & B & hip hop. He also has a song in Spanish on his new album. LXFREESTYLE came up with the idea along with his producer Kenny Moulton to mix all elements of other music genres into freestyle. Hoping to keep freestyle alive.

This music artist has preformed locally in his hometown and surrounding areas, all based in California. He has made his way to the east coast with this different sound of freestyle music. LXFREESTYLE has appeared in small acts in Queens and Brooklyn, New York in which he frequents. LXFREESTYLE’s new flavor of freestyle has paved the way for him through all over the country including Germany, Italy & Brazil.

LXFREESTYLE has performed with other music artists such as; Sito and Jay from the group Pain, Amy Tori, Rene, Angel Moreno, Erik Christian, Rock E, Anthony from Boriqua Posse, Shock from Brother Makes Three,Angelina, Korell, Make Believe, Yolanda, Josette, Michelle Diaz ,Tear Drop and Jeffrey Stevens. Also, making a live television performance with freestyle recording artist Angel Moreno on Spotlight TV (Comcast Network, Bay Area).

He has many interviews on record and his album playing on many radio stations through out the states. LXFREESTYLE has been quoted to say “ I love singing and the hard work I put into it, but I always make time for my family, friends and especially my fans”. Succeeding in giving a new, unique and tempting sound to the world through his songs on his new album. LXFREESTYLE has already began a second project scheduled to be released before Summer 2010.