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Lynus Low

Lynus_Low has not always been Lynus_Low. In fact, he is a final master to a Rap song that has been in the production stages for 33 years. To understand the beginning of Lynus_Low we must go back to the year 1993 when gangster Rap was just being born. Lynus grew up in Roseville, Michigan off of 12 Mile Road in Metro Detroit City, a blue collar city that supplied the big 3 with parts.

One day a friend of his came by with a tape of a Rap artist by the name of Easy E of N.W.A. with an album titled "Easy Duz It".This indeed was the beginning. Lynus became a fan of the West Coast Gangster Rap scene and quickly gained albums from Too $HORT, Spice 1, 2 Pac, DJ Quick, N.W.A. etc. Known as "Funk P" Lynus was very popular in school and had a large group of homies that he would regularly attend parties with. This is the time he not only began writing Rap songs but also performed them by request as he always included his homies in his rhymes. At the party, on the street, in school, whereever Lynus performed his rhymes and in the 7th grade mock awards he received the award for "Most Likely To Be A Poet".

Fast forward up to 1999, Lynus had a short stint at the Recording Institute of Detroit where he acquired skills in Music Engineering and had collectively put together a small project studio where he would make his beats and record his rhymes. One day while at the Institute he had saw a flyer calling local MCs to come to a open mic competition at a small record shop on 6 Mile and Mcnichols called "Djs Music Xchange". He quickly made plans to attend and on the first night was overwhelmed at the enthusiasm of the performers and crowd unlike anything Lynus had seen at any other local open mics. Little did Lynus (who at that time was now known as Nitro) know that Obie Trice was in the house and performing, a now well known and respected recording artist of Shady Records. Other notable acts in the house included "Pimpette" now known as "Miz Corrona" a Rapper slash actress who caught a break in Eminems "8 Mile". It was a notable achievemant for Lynus to be a part of a night that was video taped and distributed amongst the elite of Detroits Rap music scene. And indeed yes, Lynus did perform.

Lynus A.K.A. Nitro continued his Motor City tour and again saw a flyer this time on the door of a club called "The Wired Frog" promoting a open mic competition that was hosted by "Royce Da 5"9"" of Eminems "Bad Meets Evil". Oh what a night it turned out to be. The battle began, and Lynus began ripping MCs to pieces as he had been jobless at the time and rhyming all week. The audience began to chant Nitro! Nitro! Nitro! over and over much to the dismay of a unknown artist to Lynus at the time who grabbed the mic and quickly began to dismiss Nitros rhymes as being "written and not freestyle". That artist was MC Proof, The Mayor of Detroit Hip-Hop, member of Shady Records D12 and Eminems on stage hype man (R.I.P. MC Proof).

Nitro had attended a Paradime (has multible credits with Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock) concert one night where he met MC Hush, a now Geffen Recording Artist, a well known Rapper and music producer of Da Ruckus, who has worked with anyone who is anyone in the Detroit Rap Scene. Nitro who at that time was now known as simply "Patrick" asked Hush to produce his album and the two began working which concluded as being a four track maxi single titled "Reflections featuring Hush".

Lynus who has always belived in Christ Jesus as Messiah while working at a furniture store on 14 Mile Road was approached by a co-worker with a invite to attend a young persons church service where a Grammy award winning producer was interested in meeting him. He accepted and the relationship between the two never evolved but Lynus saw the potential for growth in Christian Rap Music and recorded a full length album entitled "Jesus Jesus". He shot a video for the title track "Into The Sky" and began gaining popularity on MySpace the hot social network at the time. While attending church one day he met a Pastor who turned out to be the father of the keyboardist for the well known multi- platinum Christain Contemporary group "The News Boys". Lynus began to speak about his project with Pastor Frankinstien who encouraged Lynus to move to Music City, Nashville TN to continue and forward his career.
In conclusion Lynus is a creation consisting of all the above elements and can not be pidgeoned into any one of any of the above nor will his music ever reflect any different. What gets released, is what gets released but one thing is for sure there will always be Detroit Rap and Love for his God and Creator Jesus Christ.

Lynus_Low quote "8 Mile? I lived It"