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Lyrical Raidas

Lyrical Raidas, A group made up of 3 talented young men. C.Y, Yung D., XL all bore in raised in the Bay Area Ca. The Groups Genre of music is Rap and Hip Hop. We make for all music listeners to listen to there is a variety of different sounds of instruments used and vocals sang or rapped I should say.

Lyrical Raidas right now is working on finishing their first project and just recently signed A Contract with I Did Dat Productions Inc. The group is also reaching out to the fans and letting them know that their first album will be released soon and they will keep them updated with information including the date of release. The 3 Musicians will promote their album online and offline using Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and offline using Flyers and by word of Mouth.

Lyrical Raidas was started by C.Y and XL. The 2 musicians met thru their girlfriends who work in a bay area city together and were introduced. We got to know each other and talked about what we wanted to do and we went on from there and collaborated and came up with the Name Lyrical Raidas shortly after. Yung D was introduced to the group a short time after. Yung D was rapping before the group with friends and family. Yung D. being related to C.Y his uncle wanted to be a Lyrical Raidas C.Y and XL talked on the subject and decided to give Yung D a shot and he has been a Lyrical Raidas every since.

The Group has many plans and Ideas for the music we are going to make. We have many goals to succeed and be honest and open with each other and always stand by each others side thru thick and thin because we know music has its ups and downs. Lyrical Raidas live by a saying Head High, Feet Down and will always give 110% in the work we do for you and ourselves and will never give up on each other no matter how hard it gets.

Lyrical Raidas would like everyone out there to know we are going to make music that all people can listen to and keep you informed on all upcoming events and albums. We would like to also thank you all for the support and love you have shown us up to this point and a big thank you to Pharaoh YT and the IDDP family for giving us this Opportunity to work with them and their Label