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Leo de Wolfe (born September 1st, 1990) better know by as L'z, is an American rapper, a great story teller and gifted lyricists. L'z began his career as a young soul always writing music to express the things going on his life, the people around him and overall what was going on in the day to day to day community from the poverty, crime, drugs and many problems that we still face today.

L'z was born in Spain and moved to Queens, NY when he was an infant and spent half his life in the borough of Queens. In his early teens, L'z developed a huge interest in hip hop music and began writing to the great pieces of Frank Sinatra and Beethoven with a hip hop twist and an East Coast feel. He was always inspired to bring back the old with what he quotes "the L'z with some new soul." L'z loved old school hip hop more then anything as he says "When I heard a mix from Grandmaster flash, you know it was time to dance."

L'z moved to the Uptown streets of Harlem after a 2 year time period from leaving Queens. He travelled around the U.S. and came back to Harlem where he currently lives.
As a teenager he started writing more in depth about the experiences, trials and tribulations he encountered over the years. As L'z quotes "My life has been pretty much everywhere" however New York was where he originated and he was proud to be back home. L'z lived across the street from Douglas Housing on 103rd street and he started writing his first album 'How it Goes.' L'z quoted "It's never where you're from but where you're at" as he explained during his move to Harlem to being the new face to the neighborhood. On the block people wondered where he was from.

He quotes in his raps off a track 'Can I Live' from Queens out to Harlem off to these back blocks....telling me that he grew up in Queens, never forgets Queens and the love remains in Queens. L'z spent many days and many nights in the uptown lights of Harlem writing his first Album so he leads more to Harlem since he spent most of his older years here where he wrote his first album. L'z quotes "I have never been for the fame when it comes to this music, everybody shines even if they never make a redcarpet, its just how you feel when your doing what you love. This is just my life my experiences, my up's, my down's, my relations to the older, to the youth, my long life passion that I deliver....It's my way of expression..." L'z was always a fan of the greats such as Tupac & Notorious B.I.G...L'z quoted "We don't just need the East Coast and West Coast to come together, we need the world to unite..." L'z delivers a wrath to his music, a tone to his voice, a dark and light side that can leave a listener in the mind of L'z. L'z also delivers a story that many people live, but some can't find the ways of expressing as he quotes "Everybody has a gift and this is mine." L'z starts his days by the words of 'cantstopthemovement' which he branded into his productions aka 'Can't Stop The Movement Productions' along with this website but the time has come, the wait is over and L'z is finally here to present you with, after a long time of putting things together 'How It Goes' and quotes "Hope that you enjoy my music" and he left me with the words of "Peace and Love, do what you love and live, love, laugh."