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I'm like a male lady gaga with a GOOGOO!!!(balls)

Ok, so MAN GOOGOO started out as just something funny I thought of in the summer of 2010. You know Lady Gaga... well... I'm like her but with balls. Then I convinced myself and said - I'm just as good of a musician. I can dance just as good if not better and no offense to Mommy Monster but I think I look better than her.... yes?....why, thank you. I do admit she can out sing me with a fart. Anyways, I've decided to roll with it and continue to put out music under the name MAN GOOGOO... so please don't let my comical personality and visuals distract you from really enjoying my music. What's really cool is that my music is 100% uncut.... meaning no one, and I mean no record labels, no producers, no managers, no band members, or anyone else had any involvement in any way...which is exactly how I like it... I do and say whatever I feel like without compromise. It's new to me because after years of jamming in bands and doing studio guitar work for others, it is really nice to create music stress free. I still like to jam out with other good musicians, but after being in dozens of bands and collaborating with dozens of other solo artists, I have much more fun and way less stress when working alone and for myself. I still party like I'm rock star though....anyways...I don't care about money or fame to much...I just want to have a good time and be able to express myself how ever I feel like. So if you listen to my original music and can't put a finger on it... well hopefully you can so you can tell me what I sound like...

...I really love being able to do this and I hope you enjoy my music.

Goo you laterz....