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MASON was born in a small town up in Humboldt County. Growing up as a kid MASON seen the both sides of life. On one side he seen how sin had corrupted his town and his family first hand. At a young age MASON seen the racism and the segregation but didn't fully understand the reason. He seen the drugs and the alcohol that spread throughout the town like poison out the devils mouth. He seen the pain that his elders went through as they struggled over finances. But the other side was a different story. MASON was raised up in church and learned the truth and characteristics of Jesus Christ. At age 12, MASON relocated with his family to Sacramento, CA where he met his soon to be wife. By age 15 MASON grew a passion for music that later manifested into Heavenly Sound Records. Now MASON has stepped forward with a message that God has given to him to raise up this generation into the men and woman that God has called them to be.
It's time to rise!