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M F 2

This combination of young invincible were shattered when the beat stopped thumping due to the sudden and tragic death of Drummer Leandro Denti from cancer, although this event would have destroyed many young bands the tragic loss of their life time friend would act as a driving force to the two grieving musicians.
Out of this life experience came the first major work of MOMO, with the addition of bass player Marco Brini and drummer extraordinary Marco Alessandri along with rising star producer/programmer Marco Natail [Synth Studios Tape] and the Madamadore' label LEDEN was released in 2005 to much acclaim and attention by fans and music lovers all over the world.
MOMO did not sit and wait for fame they pushed on with their first full length video featuring the hit single VIVA BARCELONA produced by the bands manager Serena Albini. this single and video shot up the radio and Internet music charts in Italy and it gave the band new hope of a bright future. This song was the first attempt at English lyrics in MOMO FAMILY music and it later would be coined as MOMO FAMALY's 'Italish' style.
It wasn't much longer until the music of LEDEN and Viva Barcelona was heard by Tunestuff Records LLC. and the idea was formulated to introduce America to the MOMO music and to release new MOMO music with English lyrics. The band went to work writing new material combined with some old favorites with wonderful English lyrics straight from the heart of MOMO. As MOMO was morphing into the MOMO FAMILY with the addition of Luca Silvestri taking over the bass duties from Brini who moved on as an attorney. Pure talent was brought together with one thing in mind and that was a Cd with musical excellence and that mission was accomplished in the 14 tracks of GIMME MOMO! released in 2008.
That was then and this is now. MF2 has reloaded and they have re-invented themselves as an Indie act with the two main members morphing into MF2!. This new style Electro, Dance, Sex, Rock is sweeping the Nation as music lovers take to the dance floors all over America. Daniel (Mast) and Fede will be arriving in America this March to renew old friendships and begin planning for the MF2 promotional campaign for 2013 and have released Go Little Baby as a primer for their return to the USA! Stand by for a totally New MF2 experience On-Stage somewhere in your area soon featuring some of the most mind blowing music ever written and performed by MF2.