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"The fact that you're lost can be helpful to you, as it allows you to generate new ideas."
Michael Manring,2009

Solo bassists are rare, Michael MANRING is unique.
Few dare venture further than Jaco Pastorius did Michael MANRING has done this for twenty years.
He has taken the legacy of his legendary teacher to an unrivalled level of excellence.
A devout musician, he has dedicated his life to the instrument so often overlooked by soloists, redefining the role of the bass guitar in the context of contemporary music.

Michael MANRING’s spectacular show trespasses frontiers and transcends traditions.
The electrifying journey explores territories where no bassist has wandered before him.
He makes no concession to his listener, restraining his unprecedented technical fireworks by impeccable sense of harmony and melody.

In 1994, the BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE voted Michael MANRING the Bassist of the Year, a title attributed to an artist once in a lifetime.
Marcus MILLER commented on the occasion: 'Michael is doing some incredible things on the bass guitar, very different, very innovative'.

Today, Michael MANRING is renowned on the international scene as a bassist hors pairs and last july 09 Michael Manring has been chosen by top jazz critics as some of the best jazz bassists in the world, in Downbeat Magazine's 57th annual Critics Poll (the results came from a poll of 120 of the world's top jazz critics).

An artist par excellence, an aspiring spirit, an absolute master.
He is a major factor.

Disco :

Solo Albums & Dvds :
Unusual Weather (Windham Hill)
Toward the Center of the Night (Windham Hill)
Drastic Measures (Windham Hill)
Thonk (High Street)
The Book of Flame (Alchemy)
Soliloquy (Manthing Music)
Resonances – DVD – (resonance prod)

With Cyril Achard :
A place in Time (2008 – resonance prod)
with Philip Aaberg:
The Shape of the Land (Windham Hill)
with William Ackerman:
A Windham Hill Retrospective
Past Light (Windham Hill)
Conferring with the Moon (Windham Hill)
Imaginary Roads (Windham Hill)
The Opening of Doors (Windham Hill)
Sound of Wind Driven Rain (Windham Hill)
with Altazor:
Concurrencia (Redwood Records)
with Florent Atem
with Attention Deficit:
Attention Deficit (Magna Carta)
The Idiot King (Magna Carta)
with At War with the Self:
Torn Between Dimentions (Laser's Edge)
with Darol Anger:
Heritage (Six Degrees)
with Darol Anger and Mike Marshall:
Chiaroscuro (Windham Hill)
with Enzo Avitabile:
Enzo Avitabile (EMI)
with Euro Groove Department
Optical Illusion (DDE Records)
with Keola Beamer:
Wooden Boat (Dancing Cat)
with Kurt Bestor:
Sketches (BWE)
The Dance (Pinnacle)
with Ken Bonfield:
Homecoming (BWE)
Winternight (BWE)
Harbor Town (Ivy Lane Music)
American Baroque: Steel String Surprise (Loud Dust)
with Evan Brubaker:
Third Floor (Cake)
with Yves Carbonne and Dominique DiPiazza
The Bass Trio
with Suzanne Ciani and The Wave:
Live! (Seventh Wave)
Turning (Seventh Wave)
with Barry Cleveland:
Volcano (Supersaturated)
with Cloud Chamber:
Dark Matter (Supersaturated)
with Chad Clouse:
In the Midst (Stonehouse)
with Larry Conklin:
Stranger World (Inak)
with April Cope:
Two Moons (Acorn)
Distorted Mirrors (Limelight)
with David Cullen:
Equilibre (Solid Air)
with Peppino D'Agostino:
Acoustic Spirit (Shanachie)
with D'Cuckoo:
Umoja (RGB)
with Alex de Grassi
Now and Then (Tropo)
with Jon Durant
Anatomy Of A Wish (Alchemy)
with Joe Ebel
Primebel (Ebel Alley Music)
with Jim Farrand:
3am on a Tuesday (Cake)
January Sun (Miles To Go)
with Lygia Ferra:
Strange Peculiar (Siren Girl Records)
with Jack Gates:
New Geography (JW)
with Paolo Giordano:
Paolo Giordano (Step Musique)
Kid in a Toyshop (Step Musique)
with John Gorka:
Jack's Crows (High Street)
Temporary Road (High Street)
Out of the Valley (High Street)
Between Five and Seven (High Street)
After Yesterday (Red House)
The Company You Keep (Red House)
Writing in the Margins (Red House)
with Michael Gulezian:
Dare of an Angel (Timberline)
with Michael Hedges:
Breakfast in the Field (Windham Hill)
Aerial Boundaries (Windham Hill)
Watching My Life Go By (Open Air)
Live from the Double Planet (Windham Hill)
Taproot (Windham Hill)
Oracle (Windham Hill)
Torched (Windham Hill)
The Best Of Michael Hedges (Windham Hill)
with Danny Heines:
One Heart Wild (Silver Wave)
What Worlds They Bring (Vadadisc)
with Kent Heckeman:
Transitions (Space for Music)
with Barbara Higbie:
Signs of Life (Windham Hill)
with Jim Hudak
Bridging Textures (Brainstorm Records)
with Human Factor:
Human Factor
with Interior:
Design (Windham Hill)
with Jezebelle:
Jezebelle (Discovery)
with Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith:
Yo Miles! (Shanachie)
Yo Miles! Sky Garden (Cuneiform)
Yo Miles! Upriver (Cuneiform)
with Tony Kaltenberg
On the Wing of the Great Spaceship (Cold Mountain Recordings)
with Larry Kassin and Tom Darter:
Scatter (MKD Music)
with Kathryn Keats
After the Silence (Smile)
with Annie Lalley:
Jungle Heart (GDM)
with David LaMotte:
Corners (Lower Dyad Music)
Spin (Lower Dyad Music)
with Patty Larkin:
Tango (High Street)
Angels Running (High Street)
Perishable Fruit (High Street)
with Jonni Lightfoot
blu (Foot Notes)
Robert Linton
Whisperings at Nightfall (October Moon)
with Kirsty MacDonald:
The Space Between Heartbeats (KM)
with Paul Machlis:
The Magic Horse (Invincible)
with Jim Matheos
Away With Words (Metal Blade)
with Mike Marshall:
Brasil Duets (Earthbeat)
with William Maxwell:
Cardinal Points (Matrix)
with Scott McGill and Vic Stevens
Addition By Subtraction (Laser’s Edge)
Controlled by Radar (Laser's Edge)
What We Do (Laser’s Edge)
with Monks of Doom:
Forgery (IRS)
with Montreux:
A Windham Hill Retrospective
Sign Language (Windham Hill)
Let Them Say (Windham Hill)
with Holly Near:
Sky Dances (Redwood)
Edge (Calico Tracks)
And Still We Sing (Calico Tracks)
Early Warnings (Appleseed Records)
Simply Love (Calico Tracks)
with Opafire:
Opafire (RCA Novus)
Ricochet Sun (Higher Octave)
with Chuck Perrin
:44 of Love (Webster's Last Word)
with Gary Remal Malkin:
The Music of the Great Smoky Mountains (Real Music)
with Carlos Reyes:
The Beauty of it All (TBA)
with Maurizio Rolli:
Moodswings (Wide Sound)
with Corrado Rustici:
The Heartist (Visa)
Decostruction of a Postmodern Musician (Sugar Music)
with Sadhappy:
Good Day, Bad Dream (Periscope)
Outerspaces (Periscope)
with Tadamitsu Saito:
A Perfect Match (Access Music)
It's About Time (Access Music)
with Samite
Stars To Share (Windham Hill)
with Schonherz and Fleer
Rilke Projekt (BMG/RCA Victor)
with Schonherz and Scott:
Under a Big Sky (Windham Hill)
with Oliver Schroer
Restless Urban Primitive (CD Roots)
with Tracy Scott Silverman:
Trip To The Sun (Windham Hill)
with the Skol Patrol:
The Skol Patrol (Grey Streak)
with Spastic Ink
Ink Compatible (Eclectic Electric / Marquee Avalon 2004)
with Douglass Spotted Eagle:
Closer to Far Away (Windham Hill)
Pray (Higher Octave)
with Ira Stein and Russel Walder:
Transit (Windham Hill)
with Louise Taylor:
Ruby Shoes (Signature)
with Turtle Island String Quartet:
By the Fireside (Windham Hill)
with Trapezoid:
Moon Run (Narada)
with A Triggering Myth
The Remedy Of Abstraction (Laser's Edge)
with Art Turner:
Story Water (Redtail)
Red Havens Rising (Redtail)
Sonora (Redtail)
with Kym Tuvim:
Kym Tuvim (Cake)
with various artists:
Windham Hill Sampler '86
An Evening with Windham Hill Live (Windham Hill)
A Winter's Solstice II (Windham Hill)
Windham Hill Sampler '89
A Winter's Solstice III (Windham Hill)
Windham Hill Guitar Sampler II (Windham Hill)
A Winter's Solstice IV (Windham Hill)
A Winter's Solstice V (Windham Hill)
Windham Hill Sampler '92
A Winter's Solstice VI (Windham Hill)
A Winter's Solstice Silver Anniversary Edition (Windham Hill)
Best of Silver Wave, Vol. 1: The Sun
Windham Hill: The First Ten Years
Bass Player Magazine Fifth Anniversary CD (BP)
The SWR Sound (SWR)
The Carols of Christmas (Windham Hill)
Windham Hill: Winter
Legacy II: A Collection of Singer Songwriters (Windham Hill)
A Different Mozart (Imaginary Road)
A Very Green Christmas (Seventh Wave)
Summer Solstice (Windham Hill)
A Winter Solstice Reunion (Windham Hill)
Thanksgiving (Windham Hill)
Candlelight Moments: Romantic Moments (BMG Special Products)
Redbook Relaxers: Daybreak (Windham Hill)
Redbook Relaxers: Dreamscape (Windham Hill)
Redbook Relaxers: After Hours (Windham Hill)
Redbook Relaxers: Between Friends (Windham Hill)
Redbook Relaxers: Dinner Party (Windham Hill)
Redbook Relaxers: Lullabies (Windham Hill)
Redbook Relaxation: Piano Reflections (Windham Hill)
Heal the Bay (Windham Hill)
Windham Hill Radio Sampler, Vol. 1
Soundscape: New Age Reflections (Delta)
Dreamscape: New Age Reflections (Delta)
Yoga Zone: Music For Yoga Practice (Windham Hill)
Conversations With God 2 (Windham Hill)
Restore the Shore (Windham Hill)
Quiet Moods: Meditative Moments (BMG Special Products)
Quiet Moods: Romantic Reflections (BMG Special Products)
Here, There and Everywhere: The Songs of the Beatles (Windham Hill)
Bass Talk, Vol. 6 (EFA)
Winter Solstice on Ice (Windham Hill)
Mozart Variations (Windham Hill)
House on Fire, Vol. 2: An Urban Folk Collection (Red House)
A Winter Solstice Reunion (Windham Hill)
Sanctuary: 20 Years Of Windham Hill
Where Have All The Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger (Appleseed)
Sun Dance: Summer Solstice 3 (Windham Hill)
Guitar Harvest (Solid Air)
with Trip Wamsley:
It's Better this Way
with Carl Weingarten:
Blue Faith (Multiphase)
Escapesilence (Multiphase)
Local Journeys (Multiphase)
with Christopher Williams:
The Silence in Between (Folk Web)
with Rob Young:
Sticks and Stones (Imaginary Road)
Speak (REY)
with Radim Zenkl:
Restless Joy (Ventana)