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MTYTST is the umbrella and group name for my (David Howse's) song collection and the various singers who have sung my songs. Most of my songs are written for children aged 7-11 years old to sing, like "Santa", a letter to Santa would be hard for an adult to sing. The songs have been written over several decades, but a great number were written in the 80s, before the days of Youtube and CDBaby. They have lived on a shelf, until now, 2011. They are being uploaded to my Youtube channel which is the mtytst plus the number 1- "mtytst1". Santa is the first to have a video slide show accompaniment.

MTYTST stands for how I have tried to work: "MT stands for "My Time", the writing of the songs or other educational activities shared with an audience, mostly my classes in primary (elementary) school. "YT" is "Your Time", which is when you hear the songs and then sing them. "ST" is "Shine Time", when it is your time to shine, in performances or creating your own artistic interpretation. For this reason, I will try to provide backing tracks for the songs that I post on the web. They are there to be sung, even recorded, (provided copyright is honoured if sales are involved).

My first career is a teacher, the songwriting came about by accident, and became a big part of my life in that an ear worm or brain weevil just got into my head with melodies that I just had to turn into songs. Most of my songs, twenty five or so, are winter seasonal, but also there are environmental songs and One World songs and miscellaneous others.

I am now semi retired from teaching, and my wish list, or "bucket list" includes sharing these songs with the wider world. Any royalties from sales will be shared with those singers past present and future involved, and my part will be ploughed back into creating more tracks from the fifty or so songs in my collection plus providing charitable support for "One Small House", a charitable organization which builds homes for the homeless, three photos showing the stages of building a community health centre in Mexico are included on my Youtube video slideshow for the song, "Santa".

Some of my songs have been updated with a few lyrical changes since they were first used and recorded. One song, recorded as, "Let's Go Galloping", is retitled and will be "Riding, Galloping" when re-recorded. If downloading the backing tracks please check out the newer lyric, if this applies. They will be with the video accompaniment to Youtube entries, and will be posted on my website (under construction), and other websites in due course.

Please follow me on Twitter @mtytst or Facebook as David Howse.