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Born in New Jersey, The woman currently known as Fanny Mae left home at 17. From back alley to front stage. Fanny Mae crossed the plains and the rivers over rails and high speeds.A singer songwriter tapping into the roots of old oak trees, and broken down society. Her delivery is an Uncompromising jangle of steel and wild flowers. Transformation of sound.
Like revered bones wrapped in ceremonial cloth, Fanny Mae embraces the lightness and the darkness. Her vision comes from years of nightly influences and unseen forces. Feral music filled with banging fists, first kissed lips, cracking leaves, old dreams, hot nites, red lights,wild eyes and short goodbyes. . Interpreting between the above and below. Her influences are gathered from tall trees,ancient prayers,overgrown towns,women n shawls and her deep regard for the earth. she enjoys traveling to and from the dark star, She knows one thing missing is her drummer queen.
Enthusiasm self expression through - poetry melody fission friction the fire people

In 2005 she released a self titled album- Below the Salt
2007 Below the salt released Into the time of Nyx
2008 Below the salt released Seven Veil Memorandum
2005-2009 Self titled album Manny Fae and the missing violin
A collaborated project of Russian Prison songs released on Tikov records/Barcelona, Spain
2012- O.M.G.S! Cashed Out!/ Tacoma, Washington
2012- self released album Six of Cups/ Beloved Dead recorded In New Orleans
2012- Fair Monzie Mae. A collaborated album of original songs with Eli Fair and Monzie Leo
Currently working on the follow-up album - You Howl Back
Currently Launching a kickstarter at -