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Maggot Twat

2 idiots and a puppet drummer named dickpancakes. This is the most awesomley stupid metal band in the universe. Formed in 1998 by brothers Pete and Dan Manzella, (Piz 'n' Spam Manwhat) Maggot Twats' mission was to grind against the grain of the death metal scene in Chicago. To piss against the wind of the angry folded arms, and seriousness of the genre. Their debut album "Stuffed Animal Orgy" was recorded and finished the summer of 1998. The album was recorded on a digital 8 track in their mothers basement. (fuckin losers) Soon after its completion, the albums circulation throughout the scene had started to raise many eyebrows, and pissed off a lot of eyebrows. The heaviness of the music with its idiotic lyrical content stirred up many mixed emotions. It was contradicting and poking fun at itself, which in turn made fans of the genre go one of two ways. They fucking loved it and went ape shit over it, or they wanted to beat the shit out of us outside the shows. Maggot Twat didn't actually start playing out until 3 years after "Stuffed Animal Orgy" was completed. Once they realized they had something happening right in front of them, they took their fingers out of their asses and took to the stage.