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Magic Dover

I was born on June 13 1981 in Winston-Salem North Carolina to my mom and dad. We were middle class and lived in a decent place. We moved for my fathers work when i was three to Fredericksburg, va. We lived on 5 acres in the country. My parents got a divorce when i was like 5, my mother and father fought all the time for those years. finally the divorce was settled and my mom moved to a place called lake of the woods. i moved with her with my Lil bro and my older bro stayed with my father.She struggle to support us but she tried her best. She worked full time at Ruby Tuesday which she still does. I started to grow rebellious so i started to do drugs and sell them to make money. Not that i needed to at that time it was more i wanted to. I did not see myself in my father s position working a job i hated. So i set up a lawn mowing business sold weed on the side and did what i had to do. I got good grades but my parents and I always got into it cause i was a stoner. I started growing at a young age and feel in love with it and i was good at it. After i graduated high school i moved to the west coast to Humboldt county CA. I feel in love when i hit Cali. the women the weather weed food.. got me a Lil apt in hum and i did the damn thing. Having fun and all but missed the dirty south so i moved back to South Carolina for 2 years and starting to breed pit bulls and live life. I missed Cali though and save up enough money to move back out and buy myself property and do the damn thing. Six months later i was busted they hit for hundreds of the time waiting for my trail i had a attempt on my life ended up having to go to jail for a year after they charged ME for 1st degree murder attempted murder and use of a deadly weapon. i took it to trial and beat it in self defense after sitting there a year.. so the day i beat it they sent me to my other pending cultivation charge cause i had a bench warrant for being in a diff jail. So i bailed out moved into a place in Humboldt got on my Humboldt grinds. got into deep with clubs and starting working as one of main growers for 215 clubs in hum county.
After going back in forth between free n not i decided to stabilize my life and do this music. At the same time i saw people bringing back the real hip hop i listened to when i was a kid like Rakim and KRS ONE WU TANG CLAN SUGA FREE TOO SHORT SNOOP DOGG. People like Mac Dre and then the Major Label i watch to see how they do it. i try to be in the middle get paid but always righteous. My goal would be able to get PAIDNLAID Records big enough to compete worldwide and be one of the biggest independent record companies.. I have been rapping ever since i was eight hangin with my boys and passing the ls. No more freestyle time for pay style. I would like to have my music be a message for the people who don't have a voice. Like me myself
I really like the dope shit like when people rap bout stuff relative to people me being a Gemini i guess i think bout the old days alot the music industry kinda surprised me how fake it was when I first got into it. The underground scene aint like that. They give you a bottle and u kill it and the chicks love it and the owner is happy. My ambition would be to make a long lasting career that will last even after i die. Paid N Laid records bitch the best revenge is success. Magic dover