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Maha Devi Li Ra La

As with everything else she does, the music of Maha Devi Li Ra La is a creative expression of her love for the Divine Source of All Life. Her talents are used to exalt and help unfold the Source of all Beginnings and Endings in our lives, the All-Life encompassing Source that lies within our Selves, and if aligned with, manages to endlessly uplift and delight us.

It is from this most pure and blissful state of being that Maha Devi Li Ra La derives her inspirations and creative impulses she so masterfully weaves into her musical creations. Carried by her lofty visions, she translates higher worldly beauty and transcendent structures of pure, unadulterated existence into musical fabrics gleaned from a vast synthesizer repertoire and her own melodious voice. Her outstandingly beautiful songs portray soundscapes that are multilayered, delicate, and following the rhythms of natural life. Thus the effects on the listener's soul are healing, restorative, and holistic. She likes to integrate nature sounds she enhances to give them a more otherworldly character, as well as organic sounding synthesizer music that both calms and energizes the soul.

Listening to her music is like a meditative journey into the innermost worlds of unlimited bliss, energy, beauty, harmony and peace, and the listener comes out of it feeling uplifted and expanded in her/his awareness. Her motto is, "Bliss, joy, happiness, and laughter are 'cool', fashionable, trendy, fantastic, and wonderful, and admitting to these sacred, beautiful feelings is exactly what our suffering-ridden world needs right now and always." Like a beacon of light, she endeavors to accomplish the most worthwhile of all goals: to sow the seeds of well-being and love amongst those whose hearts and minds are open to welcoming her Divinely inspired and suffused melodies and rhythms.

Her lyrics, as well, invite the listener to dive deep inside her/his own soul, to once again familiarize her/himself with the very fabrics of her/his eternal being and unlimited, pure consciousness, as she carries the listener gently on the waves of the ocean of life and musical harmonies into the sacred realms of her/his Higher Being, the place from where the most life supporting influences flow and are able to enrich one's life over and over again. Even though being very intimate, the words resonate generally in each and every soul, because Maha Devi Li Ra La has a natural ability to express the language of the universal oversoul of All of Life, the Divine Source of Life.

It is Maha Devi Li Ra La's intention to help unfold and express the Great Divine Mother's presence in our love and trust starved world. Giving attention to the infinite splendor of the Divine Female Principle of Life, is in her opinion a rewarding way of increasing individual and collective joy, peace, and abundance in our lives, since it is the inherent nature of the Mother of all mothers to look out for her children, and deeply care for their well-being and the ongoing unfoldment of the inherent Divine potential, each and every soul radiates from the center of their Being. Devotion and gratitude are the ways to her caring heart, while the attachment to arrogance and negative attitudes keep us from its countless blessings. And if we choose to bring our pains to her, we will not be disappointed in the end. She guides the willing soul through the maze of self-deception and self-destruction to the purity of her/his heart and soul, back into the glory of her/his eternal Self. With uncanny perception, intuition, wisdom, and talent, Maha Devi Li Ra La knows exactly how to express and musically clothe the highly beneficial invitation of the Divine Mother, who calls upon those souls at this time, who are ready to benefit from her life enhancing, magnetic presence in their lives. Maha Devi Li Ra La's beautiful voice, calming nature sounds, and the inexhaustible repertoire of the synthesizer, thus become the instruments through which this Master-Musician expresses her Divinely attuned, powerfully soul-stirring and self-transforming music, that has the angels in heaven clap in applause at her potent gifts to delight and uplift.