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Mama Chill

Inspired mainly by 80’s American rap/hiphop with every other genre mixed in, my music was quite rightly described by New Yorks John mezzina as a Genre/Gender/Bender. My Life up to now and everything thats happened are in these songs, they're all true stories, & I can only hope that through tha lyrical honesty other people will be able to relate, and hopefully it will inspire them to go on and fulfil their potential & be who they were born to be regardless of tha challenges life often throws up.

When I iwas struck down with tha illness M.E I was just starting to get interest from tha likes of Virgin & Chrysalis. I was told by tha medical profession that tha chance of a music career was well and truly over, time for cocoa and slippers was the exact phrase used, then being a bit greedy on tha ailment front I went on to develop Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis ,I already had Scoliosis, but I’m not resembling Quasi modo just yet, although judging by my photos some of you might say thats debateable lol!

Everything you see & hear on all my social networking sites has been done by myself since becoming ill, so to some degree i'm already proving them wrong and i live by the saying " A dream only ends when you stop trying" Its down to me to dictate how my life goes not tha other way around.

While not easy, things happen for a reason and you just have to adapt. Some hide illness for fear of being seen as a lame duck by those in tha industry but I'd be doing myself and all other M.E sufferers a disservice by hiding it. I didn't get a choice or an invitation to ill health but i do have a choice how I handle it & at least I can help raise awareness. So peeps can take me as I am or Jog on, that's tha beauty of choice, wont stop me making music. Infact all proceeds from tha download of “I Cant Stand Tha Rain” which is about Life with M.E will be donated to tha charity Action For M.E.

In 2006 having been practically housebound & bedbound for 2yrs and out of tha music loop I decided to see whether I still had it in me. So using an old fostex 4-track recorder, I recorded a 13 track demo album from my bed, I couldn’t play an instrument bar 3 guitar chords but I somehow scraped by, there was absolutely no effects, no nuthin, it was so basic and the production quality so poor & covered with hissing, but I was so proud to have achieved it. I called it “RAW the demos” and then being a technical muppet I had to try and teach myself how to use a computer, once that was done I posted it online and the feedback was so good, it gave me hope that maybe I could still cut it and there was still a place for me. I even went onto putting tha album on itunes, left in tha honest poor state it was, but peeps seemed to appreciate that and it gained me more followers.

Fast forward to july 2011 and tha 13 track self funded studio album “Nobody Wants To Know Ya When Ya Nobody” it took 4yrs to achieve and I sold practically everything I had including my rap/hiphop vinyl collection to get it done, but tha support continues growing , tha album reviews have been really good, and even while makin tha album I was receiving comments on tha track “LowDown Dirty Raw N Street” from tha likes of legendary Darryl Mcdaniels (Run DMC) and Whodini. Tracks are regularly receiving radio play here and in tha states .

I’ve just released a single, (I Stole) Your Song , my rap take on Elton Johns song and I’m now in tha studio workin on an EP, taking each day as it comes, enjoying tha musical journey and appreciative of all those who are comin on board to share that journey with me. If you’re still awake at this point, thanx for reading, Hope you enjoy tha trax, Stay blessed xxx