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Manolo Cabras & Basic Borg

The Musicians

MANOLO CABRAS, born in Caglieri 1971. He starts his musical studies as a classical violinist at the Conservatory of Caglieri where he also attends the course Experimental Composition.

After a few years he discovers the bass. He gets a masterclass of Dave Holland
and takes lessons with Attilio Zanchi.
In 1996 Manolo receives the degree ‘High Qualification for Jazz Musicians’ in Siena (directed by Furio Di Castri). He takes part in workshops of Marc Johnson, Miroslav Vitous and Palle Danielsson.
In Italy Manolo appears on various jazzfestivals at the side of: Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Maria Pia De Vito, Tino Tracanna, Roberto Cipelli, Gianluca Corona, Augusto Pirodda, Alessandro Diliberto, Massimo Ferra, etc...

In 1998 he moves in Holland and plays with musicians like; Eric Vloeimans, Rob Madna, Ferdinand Povel, Jasper Blom, Ack Van Rooyen, Jesse van Ruller, Eric Inneke, Wim Bronnenberg, Wolfert Brederode, etc... .

Six years later he receives his ‘Master Degree in Music’ at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.
In 2003 Manolo gets involved in the Belgium jazz-scene. He plays and/or records with the ‘Ben Sluijs Quartet, ‘’Erik Vermeulen trio’ Toots Thielemans Quartet’, ‘Chris Joris Quartet’, ‘Frederik Desmyter Quartet (feat. John Ruocco)’, ‘Pierre Vaiana Quintet’ , Riccaedo Luppi's Mure Mure, Manuel Hermia trio, Augusto Pirodda quartet’ and others.Or on freelance-base with musicians as:, Jozef Dumoulin, Bert Joris, Bart Defoort, Erik Thielemans and many others.

LYNN CASSIERS, born in Antwerp 1984. After studying at ‘de Kunsthumaniora’ of Antwerp, she received her ‘Bachelor Degree in Music’ in 2006 at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.
Her teachers were; Rachel Gould, John Ruocco and Eric Vloeimans and she attended masterclasses with guestteachers like; Dave Liebman, Mark Murphy, Ronan Guilfoyele, Billie Hart, Judy Niemack, among others. In 2003 she was during two weeks a student of Jay Clayton on a workshop in Italy.

In Belgium Lynn played with musicians such as; Jack Van Poll, Bo van der Werf, Bart van Caenegem, Joachim Badenhorst, Yves Peeters, Robin Verheyen, Erik Thielemans, Ewout Pierreux, Yannick Peeters, Steven Cassiers, Janos Bruneel, etc… She’s part of Jozef Dumoulin's new quartet ‘lidl boj’, and 'Octurne'.

During her study in Holland she played with many foreign musicians with whom she still remains in contact. She sings in Paris as a guest of Alexandra Grimal with musicians like; Pierre Perchaud, Chris Jennings, Anne Paceo, etc… and she was a couple of times in Spain for gigs with the Rafa Morales Quartet that received in 2005 a first mention of the authors’ rights organisation of Galicia for best composition.

In 2001 Lynn was a laureate of the Axion-classics competition as a duo with guitare-player Simon Witvrouw. In july 2005 she appeared as a semi-finalist on th ‘Sure jazz-voice competition’ of the Montreux Jazzfestival. Lynns’ other projects are: Magine (experimental trio), Cassiers/Schonlieb/Choi, Basic Borg, ‘Maka’ (audio-visual live performance of Giori Politi) and SMRT.

RICCARDO LUPPI, born in Milan in 1954, he's active in the jazz seen since 1976.
He played with musicians like : Steve Grossman, Paolo Fresu, Billy Cobham, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Paul McCandles, Norma winston, Enrico Rava, Bob Mintzer, Roswell Rudd, Billy Elgart, Gianluigi Trovesi, Antonello Salis, Ngu-yen Le, and others.

He is also part of several bands like: Stefano Battaglia 6et, Luigi Bonafede 5et, & 8et, Roberto Bonati 4et, Paolino Dalla Porta 4et, Antonio farao 4et, Claudio fasoli 6et, Riccardo Fassi Tankio band, Tiziana Ghiglioni 5et, Nexus, X trio, Attilio Zanchi 4et, Barbara Casini band etc.
He also played with orchestras directed by: Maria Schneider, Bob Mintzer, Martial Solal, Paul
jaffrey, Terry Riley, Giorgio Gaslini, Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Rava, Roberto Bonati.

He played in several festivals such as : 'Chicago Jazz Festival 1996, 'Jazz Middelheim 95'.
Since 2000 he's teacher at the ' Conservatory Dall'Abaco' of Verona'. He recorded 5 records as leader and more than 50 as a sideman .
One of the last 'Homage to Duke Ellington' for the 'Soul Note Records' Was voted as best record in Italy from the 'Referendum Top Jazz'.

ORIOL ROCA, Barcelona, 1979. Spanish musician based in Barcelona, very active in the contemporary jazz and improvised music scene in Spain playing with musicans such as David Mengual, Giulia Valle, David Xirgu, Joan Díaz, Dani Pérez, Ferran Fages and others.

He also works as studio musician in recordings, soundtracks and for spanish pop and mainstream artists as Martirio, Refree, Amaral or hip hop artist La Mala Rodrígez.
He is co-founder of the spanish multidisciplinar impro collective CREA and is
currently working with the contemporary spanish dance company Lanonima Imperial.

He plays as well in different regular bands and musicans around France, Belgium and Holland such as , Giovanni di Domenico, Vrak' Trio, Jeroen van Herzeele, Ben Sluijs, Augusto Pirodda, , Brice Soniano, Alexandra Grimal, Didier Labbé, among others.

He won Barcelona's Jazz Competition 2007 with french band Vrak' Trio.
He is endorser of TIMBALDRUMS custom made drums since 2006.

MATTEO CARRUS, born in Cagliari in 23/03/1974.
Since age Thirteen started to playing piano, selftaught and then taking lessons with italian players like Roberto Cipelli and Stefano Battaglia.

In Italy played with different kind of bands performing with italian singers Fiordaliso, Grazia di Michele, and international acts like Corona and Papa Winnie.
He performed in several festivals in Italy, including Time in Jazz, S. Anna Arresi and Posada disk Project.With Furio di Castri and Sandro Minetto he partecipated in jazz festival in Braga.
In 1995 he obteined the Diploma at Siena jazz winter courses as hig qualificated jazz musician and contemporary derivations.
He won a scholarship attending summer jazz workshop at Nuoro under direction of Paolo Fresu.

In 2000 moved to Holland, studying at the Royal conservatory in The hague, with Rob van Bavel, getting his bachelor degree in jazz piano in 2005 and his master degree two years later.
In Holland he collaborated with many musicians including, trumpet player Jean Marie Goupil, saxofonist Alexandra Grimal, drummer Joao Lobo etc....
Makes part of dutch bands: Soul Republic, Jacobs ladder and Paul Robert band.
In 2008 made a tour in Spain, performing at jamboree in barcelona and manteca in Vigo with Spanish musicians Nando Lago and Rafael Morales.