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Marcia Sloane

A professional cellist for forty years, Marcia Sloane grew up in Honolulu where she began playing cello at age nine. While a music major at Stanford University, Marcia left college to join Don Ho’s Waikiki orchestra, after which she studied north Indian classical singing at Sonoma State University and earned her degree in India Studies. A teacher and composer, Marcia plays in orchestras and chamber ensembles as well as collaborating with choreographers, visual artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and theatre companies. In the 1980's she played with the acoustic fusion band Ancient Future and the Caravan Stage Company in Canada. Marcia directs Navarro River String Camp, a biannual musical retreat for adult string players. She has produced several CDs of original music and Cello Drones for Tuning and Improvisation, a CD used by musicians throughout the world.