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Marco Brena

He start playing guitar when he was eight and at ten years he have private lessons of piano. When fourteen he form a Led Zeppelin's cover band playing bass guitar and keyboards and participating at some live shows. From January 1991 he works as classical and new-age composer and play in rock groups recording some demotapes. During May 1991 he buy an Hammond organ mod. T522 dated 1975. In October 1994 he start collaboration with Sweet Jane, a rock group based in Mantova, having a big live success (more than 100 live shows in one year) and arriving at the second place at Mantova Rock Festival. In the 1995, he continue his studies of piano and composition with teacher Marco Giuppone based in Bergamo and starts working as an organist, making also some dance records with Megablast Records. During May 1996, he goes to London to make an Hard Rock cd with a group called TEMPLE, he played again bass guitar and keyboards. In August he come back to Italy and works with other groups and also as sound technician (also for Celentano, Pongo, Pettenati ....). During 1997, he join SIAE (Italian society of autors and editors) as a music composer, he also starts using the "MARK BRAIN" logo on his dance products recorded for DXS and Megablast Records. He join the Livin' soul dream band in September 1998, with this one he write the hymn "Grido per la pace", a song against stadium violence; this song is used by many associations and is free for all the persons that want to use it. His experience with Hammond organs let him to work at the Second hand guitar festival in Milano, showing organs and sintesizers for Organ Planet. In 1999 he make a Deep Purple Tribute group called "Rising Sun", with them he play in many shows and participate to "Trenta ore per la vita" in Bergamo, Città alta. In October 1999 he start with promotion for his first celtic demo CD named "Celtic Shadows", he also join with the sinfonic band "Morzenti concert band" as a composer. During January 2000, he record the Minstrels demo CD with the singer Massimo Dalla Tor, this work is actually distributed on the Internet by CDBaby. During April and May, he works with Corpo musicale G.Donizetti based in Brembate Sopra for the arrangement of "La traviata" (G.Verdi) for winds and four voices, it has been played the first of May in Bremabate Sopra (BG). For Christmas he have a commission from Corpo musicale di Brembilla to make a concert arranging the gregorian mass "Cum Jubilo" for choir and winds, the same for a Medley with three Christmas songs and the Xmas Suite only for winds. They have done many concerts with the choir Coro Jubilate di Ponteranica. In April 2001 he write the soundtrack for a theater representation of the David Maria Turoldo's opera named "Gufi come angeli" directed by Angelo Mazzola. He also have done school for children musical teaching. During November 2001, he compose a suite based on the popular story of Pinocchio written by Collodi for quintet and relater, and compose also his first concerto for piano and winds. In the spring of 2002 he sign a contract with Ethnoworld to produce a celtic music cd, this one come out in October (Marco Brena - Celtic Shadows - M.A.P. Milano Italy distridutions). The new group, named "Marco Brena Celtic Band", playes some gigs like at the Franco Parenti (Milan) theatre and at the Isola Folk festival 2003. He also had some songs on the "The best of celtica" compilation, printed by IT-WHY, and SAMONIOS-capodanno celtico in musica Vol.2 printed by Terzo Millennio/Self ; in September is out the new celtic cd "Electric Celtic Land" always pubblished by Ethnoworld. In October 2003 he compose the suite A night without the moon for the Ensemble strumentale Maurice Ravel, this composition has been played the first time in Modena 13th October 2003 and is actually becoming a musical. In the 2004 is out his concept work called "The celts on the organ", again celtic music but played on the church organ with voice, percussion and guitar together; this one to show that you can play everything you want on that fantastic instrument. He also continue working as a music teacher. After a bad adventure working in a music shop, he open the Music Farm Service, a service for musical instruments expecially vintage instruments, that unfortunally closed in 2009 due to international economic crisis. In 2008 is out the first cd recorded with Coro Virgen Madre that sign an important work into religious music. 2010 come with the product of his studies about binaural sounds and make the vol.1 of th Binaural music for health work. Actually works as teacher and composer.