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Mari Kalkun

Mari Kalkun is a musician, singer and a composer relying on her Southern Estonian roots. The songs are largely her own compositions, inspired by nature, Estonian poetry and folk music. Many of the lyrics are written around 1920s - 60s by local poets carrying the feeling of rural life, the forests, the landscape. The flowing sound of Estonian language and its dialects create a meditative atmosphere in her music intertwined with the traditional singing - regilaul - and folkore.
Her first solo album named “Üü tulõk” (‘Arrival of the Night’, record label Õunaviks, 2007) gained remarkable recognition among Estonian music audience and critics.
Since then concerts have brought her to France, Hungary, England, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Russia, Armenia and Japan. “Vihmakõnõ” (‘Dear Rain’ Õunaviks 2010) is her second album, dedicated to grandparents. Being personal and keeping connection with the roots 'Dear Rain' continues what was started with the first album but moves closer towards minimalism and experimenting with sound/sounds. The album is recorded at various locations in home environments. Mari Kalkun is currently doing her master degree in traditional singing in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.