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Martin Espino

Instruments of the Ancient Americas

BACKGROUND: Martin is Mexican: Yaqui (Sonora) and Tepehuano (Durango) native heritage! Has been a musician since 1966 and performs and teaches all year around. Based in Long Beach, CA. Began musical studies as a guitarist, later graduating from Immaculate Heart College with a Bachelor of Music with Honors in Performance. He has won many awards and recognitions over the years, has played with indigenous Mexican and South American artists both well known and not, has played with modern groups such as Los Angeles Philharmonic, Southwest Chamber Ensemble, New West Symphony, California EAR Unit, Elisabeth Waldo, Paul McCandless and others. His music has been featured in films such as WATER & POWER (2014), EL MUERTO (2007), ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES< YEAR ONE and others.
He has studied indigenous American (North, Central and South) musical instruments and culture since 1975 and is a recognized master of the music of Ancient Mexico and Andean music.
Besides being a seasoned performer, collaborator and composer, he is known for his teachings to all ages Preschool to Adult!!! He does both constantly!

Here is an examples of his educational programs. Martin Espino's “Interactive Performance” programs are100% Interactive! With positive motivational, cultural, historical and humoristic skills, ALL his audiences are guided in playing his vast array of Indigenous Percussion Instruments and sing “Easy-to-sing-songs” in ancient languages like Maya and more. Like his performances, his “Workshops” have aspects geared towards age appropriate learning and California State Standards such as: earth science, food, recycling, math, language, simple geography, responsibility, respect. ALL of his instrument workshops are methodical and safe; the instruments are of high quality; playable and safe. Workshops can be “one-time” or “extended over a period of time”. Study guides available for teachers. Programs can be bilingual. His programs have cultural applications to all seasons of the year. Best of all, with his experience, he can perform for ANY setting/event.
Visit: & “click” on PROGRAMS.

Martin's performances shine with exotic and cosmic sounds played on indigenous instruments, his main focus in performance and touring are the instruments of his Mexican heritage. Martin gives his passion and vast knowledge to his audiences. Many times, besides performing with other musicians as he does in his groups called MEXIKA, he will also in corporate Aztec dancers in his shows. Visit Martin's website to see where he is presenting!!!

Over 100 “Classical Mexican Indigenous Musical Instruments” (before Spanish invasion), 90% made of them were made by me. He brings the basics: Voice, Wind, Percussion and String.

My expertise is in the music of the “ANCIENT AMERICAS” (North, Central & South), especially that of my ancestral Mexico. Although I began my musical career 49 years ago, in 1966, it was in 1975, 40 years ago, with no one to guide me or copy, that I became one of the very few musicians of Mexican heritage to conduct scholarly research/playing ancient Mexican instruments and extensively performing on other Ancient American musical instruments and definitely I am one of the very first to use them in an interactive way. Since the 1980’s, I have been a pioneer of what I call “Interactive Performance”, by using the culture and musical instruments of the Ancient Mexico as a vehicle for educating, enlightening, motivating, encouraging all people and all ages to gain more self/cultural awareness and respect others and smile and say “Si Se puede” (Yes I can). I always acknowledge I who and where I learned from. I feel blessed with the very unusual background of “classical, street and indigenous training”. I earned my Bachelor of Music degree with Honors in Performance from Immaculate Heart College 1978. I feel happy and blessed with this special mission of cultural respect that I offer!

WHO CAN HE WORK WITH? I am very much a “Been There, Done That Musician” and possess great expertise working with ALL ages (pre-K to Adults); any ethnicity; the mild to extremely physically, mentally, educationally and behaviorally challenged child/adult. Remember I’ve doing this a LONG time! My record is spotless!

ROLE MODEL: I feel I am a role model for all ages, as I was born in South Central Los Angeles; I stayed away from street problems and graduated from college. I come from a time when Spanish was not cool, so I taught myself Spanish and then, Portugues, Nahuatl and Yoeme. I am also a parent.

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