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Matthew Kocel

Matthew Kocel is a man dedicated to shifting global consciousness through sacred sound.

A throat singer and sound healer, for over 12 years he has been opening his audiences to expanded states of consciousness and visionary experiences.

The harmonic overtones of his voice, blended with harmonium, singing bowls, conch shell and guitar enfold listeners in divine love.

Matthew's "concert" is more like a hypnotic journey, with many choosing to lie down and let the energy of his music and chanting wash over their body.

No words can really describe the impact, but here are a few testimonials:

" bathing in liquid light..." James Ripley, Denver CO

" felt like I was flying...' Leslie Dyck, Vancouver BC

"...your music has been such a blessing to me... I thank God that our paths have crossed." Leilani Miller, Seattle WA