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Mattz Johns

Mattz Johns, born and brought up in a music loving Christian family... At the age of six

onwards, he started to play sunday school songs and church hymns on a wind organ in his

home with one hand without any basic music education. His father Late Mr. Johns has been

tried to teach music notes, but he doesn't follow him! However, he could play without

notes. He could win first prize in music instrumental contest from elementary school to

college always. In his elementary school time, His elder brother bought an acoustic guitar

and tried to learn, but he couldn't continue, so, he left that in the house! Mattz tried on

that by himself! His little fingers can't handle that... Fingers has been hurt many times,

even though he could play few songs only on first string! Apparently, he used the rest of

the strings... And he learned how to play chords with three strings ( Ist 2nd and 3rd

strings) by himself! At his high school time, he could play full chord, C, F, G, C by

observing others... His cousin told, he has seen that, at late nights, Mattz is holding the

body of the guitar on his ear and simply listening to the sounds of six strings with open

play! He has memorized the sounds and frequencies of each string! Same way, he applied on

Organ and Piano and music keyboards.

Once upon a time, There was a special church meeting and his mother Late Mrs. Anna told to him

to perform a song... He said, I don't sing, but I can accompany a singer with my guitar...

His mother brought a little girl, 8 years old and told him to teach a song! He wondered

and asked to her, What song, which song for her? Mother answered, " You find one" and gave

to him a song book, but he doesn't know how to read the music notes along with lyrics...

Fear and shies will not allow him to ask to his father...That evening, they supposed to

perform in front of special guests and people! He chose one song and read the words and

prayed to God, " Oh God! I didn't listen to my father's words about studying music

notations! I am sorry about that! Now I am in trouble... Help me... And give me a new

melody for this song...Amen." Miss Jessy, that little girl told," After he prayed, he told

me to read those words carefully. After that, he played 4 bars on his guitar by country

style, and started to sing on those words, immediately! Melody and rhythm absolutely

matched for that song." After few hours, they have performed in front of a huge crowd...

Before the meeting finish, one of the distinguished guests, a bishop, called them back to

the stage and asked, who composed this melody ... Mattz was really scared... Finally he

said that "I did, because, I don't know how to read the original melody." Then Bishop said,

Your melody is amazing! Better than the original... You are a good composer"... Mattz

really shocked! I am a Composer but from nothing! Praise the Lord! He whispered. (That song

was " Lion of Juddah, on the throne" he converted to country style with new melody)

Anyway, that moment was his turning point of his music life! He realized by himself that,

the God's amazing gift on him...Eventually, He has learned by himself, how to play well on

Piano, Guitar and Keyboards. After that, He opened the bible and chose many Psalms like

27,37, 38, 64,100,142, etc. And put the melody on that.
While he is singing a new song at the second time, he will fix and arrange intro, chorus,

counterpart, lead...etc. But all the sections, he writes only in his mind! The great hymns

and chants composer Dr. Randall Giles U.S.A has been spoken about Mattz that," He has an

unusual listening ability and high memory power"... His studio manager told, " I had never

seen; Mattz is bringing anything to the studio apart from plain lyrics for his group

Meantime, he met a drummer Mr.Tom Tourvillie from U.S.A. He has done voluntary works for

many charity homes... From those experiences, he wrote few poems about various topics and

told to Mattz to make as songs. He composed the music, recorded and performed all. And he

chose support and backup singers from different countries. One of the charity home's

leaders wrote to Mattz..." God has blessed You with the gift of music and a generous heart.

May you always them to praise the Lord and inspire others to seek him."

This album, all the songs, he has composed, arranged, performed and recorded without any

music studies. All have happened like a real miracle! After he got the

master copy of this album, he has kept that safely in the locker and went for studying the

Basic Musicianship with scholarship. Now he is working as Music teacher, Composer,

Music arranger and Conductor in different countries! And he is encouraging and promoting new

local singers!

God may bless you all !