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Menice Eltremendo

18 March 1984, Newark, New Jersey
Jesus Anthony Medina Height
5' (9) Born in the Ferry Street area of Newark, Jesus "MeniceEltremendo" Medina has lived in Several places in New Jersey
raised by many, when his father parted ways with his mother leaving her a single parent when he was only six. Growing up, The Newark rapper was always interested in music and all kinds of culture that had to do with Art and Entertainment. School at first was his strong point but writing music about his life style was his main attraction, Going through the ups and downs he grew up with several family members at the same time started perfecting his style on cassette tapes at first then would create projects with his cousins and friends in a down stares house They would call it (The Basement)! He pursued his goals on making anything happen that seemed impossible then the fallout came around the month of October when his childhood mentor "Grandmother" passed away it was a big blow that maid him not function but even that didn't stop him from writing and going forward with his music as time and years passed on he got involved in perfecting the style of "freestyle" and learning the deeper part of the music atmosphere. In the year of 2005 he became a father to a beautiful little girl she would be the reason he worked harder at what ever he put his mind to.
A the age of 22 he found himself in an altercation that would change his life forever Jesus "MeniceEltremendo" Medina Almost lost his life at the hands of an anonymous person at a lounge where he often hung out at when a gun was pulled out on him in front of his face to make along story short he survived the ordeal and since then he feels nothing is "promised" but working hard why'll your living and making sure to set a mark. With his music Jesus "MeniceEltremendo" Medina has gotten his share of success why'll doing shows in Miami fl but seeks out to do more then just the usual and thanks all his supporters, !Who knows what may become of this persistent fella? but the energy is flowing at a maximum high so stay tuned AND KEEP HIPHOP AND MUISC ALIVE cause it's gonna be one hell of a ride....TO BE CONTINUED!