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Mert Özgüven

Originally from Turkey, Mert was born in Germany and spent most of his lifetime in Turkey, Germany, Spain, Argentina, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

He is a dynamic open-minded artist who is deeply in touch with modern music, trying to build a bridge and fill the gaps between the oriental and the western music culture. In his music he carries a message that is impacting those who encounter it.

On his way as a highly creative singer-songwriter he has enjoyed working with a variety of world's entertainment industry top artists. His openness to various musical styles comes from working with artists all over the world.

His independently produced song "Yanima Gel" on his debut single CD represents the sinfonic rock genre. His deep passion for creating a strong message for his "cross-over" listeners is supported by combining western music styles (europe/us) with turkish lyrics. This results in a newly and unique sinfonic rock sound.