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"Flying Pictures" (2002)
a terrible attempt at anything, which is why its not for sale. I'm thinking about maybe remixing it someday so that it sounds good.

"While Mars Sleeps" (2004)
my best seller, psy-inspired trance with some unique wierd sounds. Very melodic.

"Electric Audio Acid Test" (2006)
Truly Unique and inspiring, a very important time in my life for music. With unusual chord progressions and original constructions of tone., this album is monumental.

is a darker more industrial sound. Orchestrated, tight, refined, thematic, and purposeful. Mechanical Hard-hitting beats and rhythms, and intricate inter-woven voices.

"Dreamlets" (2011)
In my opinion this is my best album of all time. It is very melodic techno, with more skills in place, and without the awkward mistakes. It is worth listening to on repeat.

"Residual Waste" (2012)
An experiment in dark ambient/soundtrack music. My piano skills may be poor, but it certainly sets the mood for a haunting. The combination of sounds is very enthralling. Listen on your headphones for a half-hour and be immersed.

"Fax Time" (2012)
some old songs that were never released and some new songs too, all of which sound very different from each other. Like a salad.