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Michael Cannady

[Enter: The TuneSmith...] Alas... I am not the "get_out_there_and_tear_em_up_live" kind of guy that I once was anymore... I'd love to be able to continue on in the old traditional ways I once was used to, but too many dues have been paid.. the body tells me it's time to reduce speed...too many miles on me to be able to keep up with the party crowds like I used to keep up with. Nowadays, I am reduced to the ways of a loner who stays in his own world creating what he likes to call his own style of music inspired from all that surrounds him and inevitably touches his life while drawing from the ancient strengths of the old masters of Rock and Roll. Musically, I started out back in the early 60's trying to learn the guitar. Early influences back then were The Ventures, early Beatles and such. I stayed mainly with the guitar much of my life and only recently, (about the last 5 -7 years), picked up on the keyboards, and learned to create Rock with computer software. The 70's found me in the Armed Forces in Germany gigging with anyone who wanted to make a tune in the local service clubs. Never did find the right mix and just more or less just went with the flow. The 80's and 90's found me in and out of Rock bands in Texas. Had a lot of fun with some great guys, but again, never did find anything that got off the ground for very long. The best of times during that era was with a group of guys from around Denton, Texas.. It was the highlight of my meager career,. but even that fell apart just when it got going good. From then on, nothing I tried to put together seemed to work out, so finally, I became a recluse, and even gave up music all together until around the millenium. I discovered Midi based music.. Back then, it wasn't much to hear tell about, sounded mainly like background music for the older video games, but as time went along, the sound majorly improved to where it is today.Now, one man can sound like he is surrounded by a multitude of Rockers.. And thus, here I am today.. 57 years old, still a young Rocker at heart.. It's taken me most of my life, but now I have what I hope will be an asset to the music world. You be the judge.. I give you Expression Overload for your critical review.

Another project is in the works, barely started, but started it is.I hope to have it ready by the end of 2010.

Peace Brother! May your Instruments never fall silent, nor your Resolve turn cold...