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Michael David Curley

In terms of where to start regarding an online career that has spanned an almost ten years of life, I'd have to start with music. Having moved out to the United States of America in early 1999, had by the year 2000, replenished my home with some basic new introductions to the digital world of thought. A BOSS BR-8, with 100 MB disks which neatly as a tune could be optimized.

Having pieced together around 12 songs by late 2001, decided to contact a local recording studio near Woodinville, WA, USA. As memories will always recall. First spoke with sometime collaborator Roger Fisher. Himself having been a founding member of the rock band, 'Heart'.

Following varying degrees of original movement in Birmingham. Helped develop the local house scene. This dating back from at least 1988 to around 1992, Dj'd at both of the main Solihull nightspots. An original half hour slot at Scandals', later becoming Rosie's' Nightclub.

After receiving numerous requests to appear at twenty first birthday's, did so in what seemed like a never ending amount. Byron's Wine Bar, then becoming our sole and solid venue. Boxing Night 1991, saw a line down the road all wanting entrance to what was specifically house music in a 180 person standing room venue.

A thousand watt sound system, and two Technics SL1200's, with room size dance floor, probably one of the greatest musical nights of a modern Solihull lifestyle.

Later combining forces with the merging downtown Birmingham nightclub scene, and what almost seems impossible now. The crossover between people going out in jackets and ties, with trousers to clubbers attire. Bakers Nightclub, being the venue on five ways island also took over ownership in Solihull, and chose to keep us on.

By the mid part of 2005 having worked on and off with three former members of Heart, was introduced to Alan White, and met the likes of Don Wilson, of The Ventures. Believed the works of the nouveau-classic-rock we had recorded in a very rap orientated industry, was set for success. Clever Bastards, although remaining independent, eventually opened as the only original line up in Eastern Washington, The Gorge, Amphitheater, along with Reo Speedwagon, Foreigner, and Styx.

Also appearing at the Seattle Hempfest, provided a sound track most will never forget. Shockingly fired from the bill in Spokane in 2006, set to open at the arena for Lynyrd Skynyrd. The name seemingly far to liberal in taste at the time. Ourselves supporting the release of material from the album, 'Dumb It Down', an anti-war tale of a soldiers life. Radio promotions on air carried out, along with acoustic sets, even won rotation with Clear Channel. Immediately the band lost out on the hype, although did reach 80,000 subscribers in one night in 2006, for the first ever syndicated online internet acoustic set.

March 2007 saw the first official collaboration with the former drummer of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, and into the realms of bright lights. Attending a few events in the Czech Republic, closed out the 2006, held in 2007, Andel Music Awards. 'The Alan White Band', headlining the evening. Playing to a live national audience of over two million plus, repeated the next night, played Imagine, after already selling out a near by venue the prior night before.

Contacts being made, was able to attend the studio's of most of the Czech Republic's considered rock elite, inclusive of homes of both Michael Kocáb, and Petr Janda, of the rock band Olympic.

Major International award shows being what they are, decided at this point to start a more pop orientated project with fellow companion, and former Heart bass player, Steve Fossen.

Alan White having attended a number of rehearsals was still heavily involved with, 'Yes', and with 'Roger Fisher, deciding to stay on in the Czech republic for a year, created a band known infamously as, 'The Cafe Authors'. Recording the album, 'Looking Up Looking Down', in Steve Fossen's basement with a new Mac Logic Pro 8 system, and a Neumann microphone. Performing a stunning live duo, often including the talents of Jimmy Hendrix impersonator, Randy Hansen. He having also appeared on the soundtrack to, 'Apocalypse Now'.

Also collaborating daily with friend and writing partner Anthony Lilly, was then introduced to major players in the Hollywood life. Notably on set with actors Eric Roberts, Rick Overton, and John Fugelsang, the later in watching a private performance of his one man show. Himself also the last person to interview a then guitar playing George Harrison on VH1. Attending the homes or hotels room of varying people is always a trip, and certainly didn't say no out of interest alone, when presented with some poetry by Mr. Star 80 himself.

Oddly enough getting locked inside the Asian cemetery in Seattle, with a guy who jokingly tells them he's the brother of that well known female actor, is amusing enough. Getting locked in there after visiting Bruce and Brandon Lee, when the gate gets closed. That's a grave yard fact locked in time.

After receiving a number of TV offers in 2009, worked primarily with friend and guitarist Rick Knotts, performing on local access in Renton, Washington State, and having opened for Dolores O'Riordan famed for her work with, 'The Cranberries', and more recently as a judge on Ireland's, 'The Voice', life was set to take off.

As often as things are in lengthy divorces however with a bitter custody battle in suit, returned back to the United Kingdom in February of 2010. Musically staying as buoyant as one does, quickly pieced together the follow up works by, 'The Cafe Authors', but this time as myself.

All very much in demo format, along with anything I found of interest, such as the highly popular rock version of, 'Game Without Frontiers', and 'Another Yesterday Door', written with actor Eric Roberts.

Moving to my own home in Earlswood,Warwickshire in the June of 2010, also recorded a currently lost album, entitled, 'Cyclonic'. All acoustic at this stage. At which point in the past few years it always has been. This lead to a very down period of live. Cyclonic being locked on a hard drive, and sat secure in my desk is a something that may surface again.

Early 2011 saw the release of 'Care For My Own'. This also being an original acoustic album penciled in and approved for recording by Abbey Road. Later recorded at home due to costs.

As honored as I am to have received any attention of a musical note, love to walk loads, and continued sharing dailies since around 2008. Was as proud as punch to receive a No.5 slot in the iTunes music charts in Sweden in 2011, with an acoustic cover of the, 'Big Country' track, 'Come Back To Me'. Originally recorded at home on my Boss BR-8. Proof enough that full circle in many regard often takes shape. That being recorded in 2001, with a quick burst of around 26,000 views on Youtube in 2005.

Michael David Curley