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Michael R. Stevenson

Love HOT GUITAR? Experience MICHAEL R. STEVENSON. Michael R. Stevenson is the grand-nephew of Fay Wray, the 1930's starlet (of KING KONG fame). He also has a passion for creating great guitar music. In the 1990's, Michael won the Z-Rock Joe Satriani National Guitar Competition. He won it with a shortened, 30-second version of his guitar solo showcase, "Lightsaber." He followed that up by opening for some huge rock/metal acts, including Yngwie Malmsteen.

Inspired by being involved with and meeting two of his favorite guitar heroes, Michael then took 12 years off to perfect his technique, study music theory, and compose. He studied, absorbed, and assimilated the styles of the masters. Page, Hendrix, Satriani, Lynch, Blackmore, Vai, Van Halen, Yngwie, Al DiMeola and more. Bringing you the very best of the spiritual and technical aspects of the guitar masters in his own unique style of playing and songwriting. Some of the best speed-picking, tapping, vibrato, phrasing, and harmonics you will hear on the planet!!!! Brought sensually and with great energy to your awaiting ears on the vehicle of some of the most diverse and captivating original instrumental music ever. LISTEN!!!!

Michael has four instrumental albums out on CDBABY: "Love....Alien Style!","Secret Planet", "Roach Hotel", and "Shadow Alley." By the time you have heard all the albums, it is possible this could be your favorite instrumental guitarist! Michael is also in three bands: TRAILER PARK HEROES, STINGER, and VULGAR VILLAGE. TPH and STINGER feature great songs and great vocalists: Leland Hilarides (Trailer Park Heroes) and David Nelson (Stinger) and the rockin' drums of Ron Brett. The bands are all on CD Baby and you should definitely check them both out! VULGAR VILLAGE is an ultra heavy band featuring Michael on Vulgar Vocals....XTREME METAL!!!!

Michael greatly appreciates all music fans,, and the visits to his pages! He values audience feedback, encouragement, suggestions, whatever! Hope to see you at the upcoming concerts!

More great instrumental guitar albums by Michael available now or
soon on CD Baby:Love....Alien Style!, Secret Planet, Roach Hotel, Shadow Alley, Night Driver,
The Battle Epic, La Luna.
CD Baby.

Lead Guitarist for Intensity 1990-1995.
Winner of Joe Satriani ZROCK National Guitar Competition-1992.
Opening Act for Yngwie Malmsteen-1994.
Opening Act for Quiet Riot-1994.
Opening Act for Edgar Winter-1994.
Opening act for Ace Frehely-1994.

Guitarist for Michael R. Stevenson, Vulgar Village, Stinger, Trailer Park Heroes, Secret Planet-Current.

Michael has recorded in the studio and/or played onstage with some of the Pacific Northwest's most respected musicians, including:

Tim Donahue-Drummer (Yngwie Malmsteen/Cherry Poppin' Daddies),
Rich Sellars-Drummer (Floydian Slips),
Ron Brett (AKA Ronnie Dillinger)-Drummer (Johnny Outlaw and the Johnson Creek Stranglers),
David Nelson (Phamous Phaces)-Vocals on Stinger:Cold as Stone,
Leland Hilarides (Monolith)-Vocals, Trailer Park Heroes,
Ken Whetstine-Vocals, Intensity (1990-1995),
Kevin (Bullet) Piatt-Bass, (1990-1995),
Dan Rabago-Guitarist (Omnihility)
Neriah Hart (Riot Tribe)-Bass/Vocals,
Shane Thornton (X-Piracy/IB6/UB9)-Vocals,
Chad Cummings-Drums,
John Saint Sauver (Tainted Saint)-Bass,
Glen Weldon-Drums.

Interesting Fact....

When Michael was 21 Yrs. of age, Henry Vestine (Rolling Stone Magazine Top 100 ALL TIME Guitarist) saw Michael at a Jam and commented...."I can't do that!!!!"

Click this to see video of his live guitar solo at the Intensity/Quiet Riot gig in 1994!!!!