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Michael Tyrone Boyd

MICHAEL TYRONE BOYD WAS born and raised in the rough and tumble city of Baltimore, MD. And like the fictional characters “Oliver Twist”, and “Little Orphan Annie”, he became an orphan at the tender age of 5 . It was a hard knock life for him during those years as he was often abused, ridiculed, and harshly punished for the slightest offense. But it was while living in those homes that he began his lifelong love of music. In his first foster home there was an old upright piano in the living room, that, Michael used to love to play. He was seven years old at the time.

At the age of 9…Michael had a vision that flashed before his eyes as clear as day as he was walking down the stairs from his room, that, he shared with four other boys. He has this to say about it: “I saw a startling vision! I saw myself standing on the stage with bright lights surrounding me…and in the darkness beyond a large audience of people who were either singing along with me or loudly applauding me”, he said. Michael never forgot that vision and he went on to say. that, “It served as the catalyst , that, I could be a successful singer someday. and from that time on I became more involved with music”. he said.

As he as growing up he heard a variety of music on the radio such as the great Gospel singers of the day, that, his foster mother would listen to like Mahalia Jackson, The Soul Stirrers featuring Sam Cooke and others. He also heard Hank Williams and other country artists as well. Michael later sang in the children choir of the Baptist church, that, his foster mother took him to every Sunday,. And played trumpet and sang in elementary school as well.

As a teenager, Michael, was caught up in the Motown sound , and loved to hear the popular artists of the day. He liked Little Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 .The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Martha and the Vandellas among others. And often would often hang out with some of his neighborhood friends as they imitated the dance moves while singing the songs
of groups they idolized like The Temptations, .Smokey Robinson and the Miracles as well as The Four Tops . Michael loved to also listen to other artists as well like Aretha Franklin, and dance to the music of James Brown on the radio ,and at the house parties as well.

A few years after Michael had his “startling vision”, a social worker visited the home where he’d suffered and endued for seven years. The foster mother who’d mistreated, and ridiculed him did not want to let him get away . The fact of the matter is he was only a meal ticket to her, and more than likely in her heart and mind she harbored pure hatred, suspicion, and malice toward him. so much! And perhaps, she secretly wanted to see him dead like his best friend, Chester, who was run over while he was playing on the railroad track by a fast moving rain.

This wicked feeling of hers was evident by her actions a few years earlier. It was manifested during the time when she repeatedly tried to convince the state ,that, Michael was mentally ill. Time after time she insisted again and again ,that, he was “retarded”. It was her malice towards Michael .that, led her to endeavor to persuade the authorities ,that, he ought to immediately be put in a straitjacket, and committed to Bellevue the crazy house because he was dangerous, too!

But fortunately, for Michael, despite all of his foster mothers scheming, and trickery she did not prevail. Because as it turned out the state psychiatrist after giving Michael many tests declared that,Michal was sane. He did not commit him, but instead prescribed some little orange pills ,that, he was forced to take daily. Thus,It was verified, that, Michael was not “crazy” after all.

Now , some years later when the day came ,that, would finally be the end of his foster mothers check from the government for keeping him she was again up to her old tricks… And with great pretense she put up a front smiling , lying , and told the social worker ,that, Michael loved living with her. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because as for Michael, it was a living hell,and his life was for the most part miserable, living there.

The social worker took Michael outside to her car , and she drove him to another place. Suddenly, pointing to the house surrounded by trees in the suburbs she told him. that, the couple living there had no children, and, that, this could be your new home. After she said that, she asked him did he want to continue living where he was? And then, Michael, with tears falling from his eyes, and streaming down his painfully sad face said:” I want to leave that place where she continually punishes and viciously beats me”, he cried., Thus, shortly thereafter he was moved to a new foster home. This proved to be a good move as providence would have it.

During that time while living in the new home Michael was a student seriously studying Commercial Art in Jr and early Senior H.S. In addition, he would hustle to earn money by helping ladies put their groceries in their car at the local A&P. He did this because he really needed to have his own money to buy the things he both wanted and needed. Because he never got any allowance from his foster father.

Michael earned enough money so that he managed to buy a record player , and all of the hit 45 single records of the day. He enjoyed all kinds of music from Rock n Roll artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Beatles, Elvis Presley ,Fats Domino, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Rare Earth and Three Dog Night as well as R&B Soul artists like James Brown and The Jackson 5. He also like hearing Johnny Cash and Hank Williams on the radio.In addition, to many acts on the Ed Sullivan Show, and Pearl Bailey television show as well.
At night, and sometimes during the day he’d listen and sing along to those records constantly. And besides that Michael would put quarters into the local juke boxes to hear his favorite songs.

Then one day, while Michael was sitting in his room in the attic of the house , he suddenly had an inspiration, that, led to him writing his very first song at the age of 15. Michael recalls: “I was not encouraged by my foster parents…In fact, it was quite the opposite…I was roundly mocked and ridiculed by my foster father”, he said.

He continued: “But fortunately, the day, that,I declared that i had written my first song…with great excitement! I ran down the stairs , and loudly blurted out to my foster father …”I wrote a song! However, this break through was meaningless to my foster father, and in his usual manner he just laughed and belittled me.
But fortunately, there happened to be a woman neighbor who was visiting the home, and when she heard me she said: “He’s going to be rich someday! I hope he marries one of my daughters”, she said.

However that was not to be so because soon thereafter Michael, joined the U.S.Navy.
In 1972 , It so happened, that, one day while riding the bus from school he saw a billboard that said:: “Join the Navy and Be a Man… See the World”. This appealed very strongly to Michael. And soon thereafter he went to the recruiting office and enlisted.

Thus, at 17, Michael became a sailor . And shortly thereafter when he’d later told his foster father what he had done , his foster father was not pleased, and tried to force Michael to change his mind. But Michael refused to do it. And later, at school , when he told his art teacher, that, he had joined the Navy, she was greatly dismayed saying that he should not drop out of high school because he had talent as an artist. Nevertheless he was determined to go despite their opinions.

And yet, that, move proved to be a very fortuitous move for him. Because initially, it enabled him to finally escape the horrors of being an orphan in the cruel foster home system. Michael like Cinderella, was always despised , abused, and treated like an unwanted stepchild. And later as fate would have it ,during his stint in the Navy at the height of the Vietnam War , Michael continued to pursue musical aspiration.

Michael remembers it this way: “During the time I served in the Navy, I really began to develop as a singer and musician. And although, it was not easy being a sailor on an aircraft carrier, It was very hard working always in intense heat in the boiler room because it was so extremely hot ! Sometimes , I got burned and saw my skin melted off my arms from the white hot steam of the boilers in the bottom of the ship.But I made the most of it. and I later formed my first band”, he said.They would often practice, and play the classic music groups material of the day like Kool and the Gang,The Ohio Players and others.

“Whenever we did get liberty in a foreign country, it was like who let the dogs out?! Because.besides drinking heavily, dancing feverishly, and cavorting wildly with the local ladies…in a port o’ call like Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and especially, Hong Kong…I spent my money loading up on professional gear like Shure mics and Peavy amps.”, he said.

In 1975 when he was honorably discharged from the Navy he headed straight to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his musical dreams. And as fate would have it ,that , journey proved…”to be a very fortuitous move for me in many ways”. he said. Because it was while living there for a number of years, that, Michael truly nurtured or “cultivated: his talent, and he eventually did become a professional singer-songwriter-musician as well as an actor.
And along the way he also became a producer and music publisher as well.

Michael credits his early college training as a basis of his preparation for his career.
He stated: “I was very fortunate to attend Los Angeles City College with the Veterans benefits. Attending LACC was wonderful! I was blessed to be able to be under the tutelage of some great instructors. I learned music history, music theory and stage training as well. But most of all I learned the technique that enabled me to sing professionally”. he said.

Now during those early developmental years of training for a show business career, Michael was quite fortunate to meet a number of great people who aided in his growth as an aspiring artist. From his remarkable professors during his years at LACC, and later on t his meeting as well as working with some major industry people in both music and acting as well.

And there is one legendary , now deceased. producer, songwriter, and mentor that he’s really glad , that, he met and briefly worked with during his formative years in Hollywood,CA, Michael relates the experience: “After I graduated from college, I had the great fortune to be a singer in the chorus of a production, that, was ultimately staged at the Hollywood Palladium”, he said.

He continued: “I was personally guided by the late, great producer, Robert “Bumps” Blackwell. He was credited as being the discoverer of Little Richard, and he also co-wrote Little Richards early smash hits. In addition Mr. Blackwell was also the mentor/producer and early manager of the late, great Gospel and Soul music pioneer Sam Cooke. And finally years later he produced Bob Dylan, tracks, Sly and the Family Stone as well as others… It’s also noted, that, the late, great Ray Charles as well as the super producer Quincy Jones played in Mr. Blackwells band early in their careers in Seattle, WA.

It should be noted, that, Michael did not know the history of Mr. Blackwell at the time that he briefly worked in his show. However, Michael fondly remembers what Mr. Blackwell told him one day during a rehearsal prior the the staging of the musical. Mr. Blackwell said: “You’ve got talent, but talent must be cultivated”, he said.

After that great advice, Michael proceeded to get more professional training with private coaches both in music and acting as well. Now it seemed to have been a coincidence, that, some months after he’d moved to Hollywood, that, he got some important advice from an actor who lived in the same apartment building right across the street from the famed Paramount Studios.

The actor from Harlem,NY befriended Michael and always told him: “You’ve got a lot of potential”, he said. And later he told him that he should join AFTRA so that he could later become a member of SAG ( Screen Actors Guild) which he ultimately did. The older actor also told Michael to take some classed in an acting workshop in Hollywood,

And that advice proved to be sound for Michael because he did eventually join that actors workshop (among others), and as fate would have it years later he did a film playing the character “Thug1”. The name of the film starring the late, famous actor, Charles Bronson, was “Death Wish 2”

All of these breaks occurred for Michael in the early 1970’s to 1980.
But with the dawning of the 1980’s and continuing until the early 1990’s there were a number of dark days and nights for him. From long bouts of unemployment and divorce, as well as several bouts of finding himself out in the street being a homeless person. There’s no doubt that those were some very hard times indeed for Michael.

But because of his faith in the higher power as well as his determination, and belief in himself ,Michael, ultimately did rise above them. Although it was not easy for him to do especially when he had to face cold and wintry nights and blazing hot days in the streets…
But as strange as it may seem these occurrences and particularly his last bout of homelessness proved to be a “blessing in disguise”.

For it so happened , that, Michael instinctively resorted to using his “hustling ability” that he first used back when he was a teenager living in the foster home. And despite his bleak situation he kept a positive attitiude doing the best he could under the circumstances. And so he hustled his way out of the streets by selling various and sundry items from the Chinese wholesale stores in downtown Los Angelses around the corner from “skid row”.

During this time he sold one item particularly well, and one that ultimately led him from selling downtown to selling his wares uptown in the areas of Hollywood, Westwood, Brentwood and often on the Sunset Strip leading all the way to Beverly Hills! And besides that he also became a fixture at the Hollywood Bowl , and all manner of state fairs as well as numerous concerts in and out of the state ranging from Jazz and Soul to Reggae as well as Rock & Roll concerts like The Who and The Grateful Dead.

The concert goers loved what he had to sell to them, and they enthusiastically bough his ware for themselves as well as their kids. And what was tihis item that was an import from China which by selling so many of them enabled him to get out of the streets and that the selling of it at the Hollywood Bowl led him to meeting a contact that helped to change his life?

The answer is simply yoyos! Michael hustled and sold many thousands of light up yoyos everywhere and became known as the “YoYo man! And one fateful night while selling them at the Hollywood Bowl he met another struggling actor,-singer-songwriter-puppeteer, and cable access producer by the name of David Liebe Hart who was singing with his puppet name “Doug the dog for tips there.

Michael and David talked betwen the breaks when the crowd was inside the Hollywood Bowl , and when David learned of Michael and his musical and acting backround he said: ” I’d like to have you as a guest reading the Bible on my cable access show.”. The name of David’s show at that time was “The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show”.,

That conversation happened between the two of them in 1994, and Michael ultimately became a fixture and Co-Star on the show reading the Bible as well as singing his original folk-gospel songs unitll he started producing his own show . And so it was that Michael helped David with his show having never been paid any money for seven years.

But it was not so bad because Michael learned the ropes of becoming a cable access tv producer, and he also got a lot of exposure as well. In addition, he retained all the rights to his songs and performances which turned out to be a good thing particularly when YouTube came along years later. And so once again Michael made the best of the nonpaying situation.

Now in 1997, Michael made a bid to step out on his own breaking away form David Liebe hart, and his show to create his own tv show. David called it a spin off, but it really was not at all. Because the show that Michael created was his own vision without any consultation nor input from David in any way, shape, form or fashion. Michael did read the Bible, but aside from that his show was his own.

The name od the show that Michael conceived, created and solely backed from his own money came to be known as “Spiritual Thinking With Michael Boyd. The purpose of his tv show was t teach spiritual principles for the purpose of enabling his viewers to attain or bring balance into their live and ultimately the world. Michael read the Bible scriptures in connection with the topic which he did all of the writing of both the script as well as every song that he performed on his tv show.

And eventually his show drew a large following even in states outside of California. Michaels show was in production and aired on cable tv from 1997 until 2001.and eventually when YouTube came along unbeknownst to Michael some of his fans posted certain of his musical performances there, and they garnered high ratings and views as well.
Because of the attention Michael received from the postings it led to Michael creating his own You tube channel called Multi Victorious 1’s channel.

Michael has also recorded an number of non spiritual love songs in addition to the hundreds of spiritual songs in his collection.
The songs on the present CD are among his most popular fan favorites. from tv appearances as well as from his church and later popular night club performances.