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Mike G. Murphy

August 31, 2009
Phoenix Arizona- Unsigned artist Mike G. Murphy, also known as “wendolarules,” has released a series of demos recorded at WM Studios in Chandler Arizona geared toward the children’s, pop, rock and alternative markets under the project name of, “ Man of Misplaced Destiny.” The first demo CD has two songs presented; “Double Dip” and “New Play Toy.”
Double Dip, written by Mike G. Murphy and Merry Citoli is a happy-go-lucky sing-along style song that makes people dance; especially young children. The song is also fashioned to attract advertisers to create an ad campaign for a well known flavor ice cream.
New Play Toy, written exclusively by Mike G. Murphy, is a song about the innocence of children and the interaction with loving and caring adults. The simplicity of enjoying quality time together and experiencing and appreciating gifts that bring joy to one another is the idea of this tune. The song has the potential for a crossover market in country, Christmas season as well as children’s market; possibly even advertising campaigns.
Joe Rusinek, Studio Director, of WM Studios in Chandler Arizona, plays ALL guitars on all songs in the first five song compilation, handled musical arrangements and sang with Merry Citoli on backing vocals on Double Dip and New Play Toy. Murphy is on lead vocals on all songs.
Side A of the second demo is “Bermuda Twist,” recorded in December of 2009, is a song Murphy wrote in 1980 while in San Dimas California. The song is kind of a power pop, funk, and jazzy tune as a neutral musician friend of mine labeled the song. The message of the song is political about building nuclear weapons and how we must not be depressed but proactive to stop the escalation. Sound familiar today?
Side B “Multiple Listings”, is a song written in 2008 by Murphy and recorded in December of 2009, about a sailor at sea coming into port trying to find a lost love that has a common name. A Hollywood style ending of being reunited in love is the outcome.
Mike G. Murphy has been writing songs for 35 years. He studied voice at United States International University in San Diego California and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix. He has an assortment of tunes created for different markets waiting to be produced and to be submitted to industry. Murphy was a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for an Arizona original music rock band from 1982-1990. Murphy has performed in front of crowds as small as 10 people to as large as 14,000 from ages 1-100. He is married 23 years, has three grown children and resides in the Ahwatukee/Foothills community within the city limits of Phoenix Arizona.
Back in the studio January 9, 2010 for a softer pop song, "Alone Without You." Now complete and soon to be available wherever MP3 uploads are available. Murphy does all vocals and whistling part.
The entire Mike G. Murphy catalog will cover at least four (4) different genres or styles of music, children’s, pop, alternative and rock. Ten songs is the goal to be completed by the end of 2010.