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Why the hell should we be intrigued by Millennium? Is it the spiked out anarchist with a soft spot for Phil Collins? Is it the blue-haired Asian dominatrix? It is the ex-car thief turned soulful crooner? Or perhaps it’s the alien that seems to pop up mysteriously in photos and videos? Whatever the reason, Millennium remains one of the best kept industry secrets under development. Described as ‘Black Eyed Peas meets No Doubt’, this group seems to be the total package - original songwriting, musical talent and a fashion-forward style that has fans frequently asking the question ‘Why aren’t these guys huge?!?’ The answer is quite simple: They’ve taking a long-ass time to release their first album.

Stryker, Sapphire, K-King and Adonis collided at a Los Angeles night club a few years back where Stryker was awkwardly rocking out with a wireless head mic and bass guitar. Thinking it was comedy night, the others joined him after his set to commend him on a fine performance. Two bottles of tequila later, Millennium was born. The group eagerly headed into the studio to begin work on their first album thinking they would bang it out within the month. One long year later, Stryker, producer for the group, was painfully listening to what sounded like a mash up of Def Leppard and R. Kelly, sprinkled with a little Debbie Gibson. It was horrible, but not beyond redemption. Clearly, getting a white guy, a black guy and an Asian girl on the same musical page was going to be neither quick nor easy. It would be a journey that would require them to turn what they thought of as their greatest weaknesses into their greatest strengths. Fast forward two years and Millennium is finally putting the finishing touches on their debut album Quantum Field Disturbance. We doubt anyone in the group knows what that means, but it sounds cool. Their first single off the album ‘When We Walk In The Place’ is an up-tempo dance track about letting go of insecurity and embracing one’s own personal style. It may very well summarize this group’s tale of tragedy and triumph of the last two years.

One industry executive recently described Millennium as ‘Pop culture at its best’. A polite way of saying they’re in the WTF category. The futuristic group does defy classification, doing songs in a range of genres from electronic dance music, pop rock to reggae. What you can expect from this unpredictable new group are hard-hitting songs of uncompromising quality. Want to know more? Check out their website and be sure to pick up their debut album. You won’t be disappointed. But if you are, feel free to talk to the hand cause the alien don’t understand!