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Review for Beyond the Froth, by Jo Lloyd

Mrs. Beaton took a bowl of plums and came up with Duff but with Missing Time's latest CD, Beyond the Froth, there isn't a duff track to be found - only those you love and then the ones you love even more. It's a powder keg of talent and energy and the fuse is lit from the moment you hear the smouldering vocals of Sally and if the wicked guitar riffs on Siren don't lure you then get your name down for sheltered accommodation.

I don't know who the Bride is but I know the groom and his name is Mickey Finn. This is a Diet Coke of a song with a double vodka swimming through it. It seems innocent enough until you realise, halfway through, that something's happening to your senses and it's the best Diet Coke you've ever had.

The paean to the Blues, Mighty Fine, was another gem and reminded me of the lyrics to one of my own favourites - Woke up this morning, Both my cars were gawn, Lord, I was so angry, threw my drink across the lawn. Nothing like a bit of suffering, eh?

The band won't thank me for this but It's Been Such A Long Time reminded me of the good stuff Oasis did and Remember Shadow reminds you that, what started with a lit fuse, is still thundering on towards an explosion. The haunting lyrics of Lady Marion with cello accompaniment slowed the pace and the pulse and allowed for some reflection. But not for too long because Believe is like being lashed to a totem pole with a war party stomping round, every word the rise and fall of a tomahawk.

On the penultimate track, Soldier, the excellent vocals of John Lee were perhaps given their best showcase but the explosive end was, naturally in my opinion, engineered by that old devil himself, Mark Keable. This was Streets of London dressed in bikers' leathers and given crack. More grab you by the throat than let me take you by the hand. At the end of this album you'll have smoke in your eyes and soot on your face. It's bungee-jumping for people with no head for heights.