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Mista Kenton

Mista Kenton was born in Jamaica, West Indies. He first started writing music after moving to Bronx, New York. Like many young men, there was a longing in his heart to find his purpose and mission in life. He struggled through some difficult decisions and negative influences from his community and peers. The consequences of these decisions led Mista Kenton down a path of legal troubles including arrests, addictions and broken relationships.

After a move to Florida, members of his family simultaneously but separately were drawn back into the Grace of God. Having had some exposure to church in his younger years, there had been a yearning for TRUTH and hope that he had not found anywhere else. Frustrated with his life and it's disappointments, he was ready to do something different in order to get something different. Financially broke, negative consequences and broken relationships were no longer the elements he wanted in his life.

It was time for healing and reconciliation. Time to find a purpose and a meaning. Everyone yearns for their purpose and Mista Kenton was now ready to make the greatest change in his life and pursue the only answer to our greatest question... "What is my purpose in life?"
For we were all created for a purpose.