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Mista Mathew

The Biography of a Don Like the saying goes, Texas made Texas raised, Mista Mathew is the definition of a true down south, H-town rapper. You can call him a musician, an entertainer, a beat boxer, or someone that simply wrecks the show with his a cappella freestyle flows. Mista Mathew has an exclusive, exceptional sound like none other than himself. His sound is distinctive, and irreplaceable. You can be sure to know that he has a musical and spiritual bond that he learned from the hardcore streets of Houston, Texas. His sounds and themes consist of, love, friendship, conflict, loss and determination in the face of all the hardships and blessings life has to offer. It is what makes every rap/hip-hop song he delivers. What is it like being Mista Mathew? How did it all begin? Ill tell you how. When his most favorite music influences like DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Hawk, Lil Flip, Pimp C, Jay Z, JadaKiss Camron, and Master P caught his ear. He knew in his heart, mind and soul that he could put out music the same, or better. There was no mistaking that. He had heart then, and he has heart now! He grew up on the North side of Houston, in Trinity Garden until he was about 12 years old, and then moved to the Southeast side of Houston off Edgebrook. The areas he grew up in are areas in Houston well known for poverty, but not to be mistaken, residents of these areas are determined to make something happen with their lives. A lot, of famous and very influential people come from those parts, which is where Mista Mathew got the drive and determination to make something happen for himself musically. He never had it easy in life and did what had to do get by. Its a matter of survival. It is animal instinct that is in us all. If you ask him to sink or swim, he will swim. A lot of his inside feelings and the way he was brought up has made him who he is, and thats a winning shot. Mista Mathew has performed on the Rap Against Drugs tour with Lil Troy. He started his own record company called Every Corner Records in 2003; he is the CEO. The next two following years, he dropped two mixtapes, Get Paid, and Keep Grindin. He has performed at an abundant amount of shows, which include three major shows at the Los Magnificos car shows in 2004, and 2005. In 2006 he successfully threw two of his own block parties consisting of huge turn out of people, performances, and of course his own performance. His new album, Flew da Coupe, is coming soon with a release date of aug 17th, 2012.featuring Low G, plus many more tracks with talented artists, Juvenile ESG OF S.U.C ,ROB G, C-STONE, HOT SLEEP 20 Twin, Milton Bradley, DJ MICHEAL 5000 WATTS of Swishahouse, Dak Payne, Tex. N MANY MORE Mista Mathew has attracted an audience of listeners through his intense, motivational, feel good type music. He has an exceptional ability to speak the truth and to be real in his lyrics from one bar, to the next. He has a strong firmness of purpose, and will deliver. His music entertains everyone that has an opportunity to hear it. The foundation of Mista Mathews music will forever come from the real truths of the streets of Houston, Texas. His dedication and determination will show everyone that he is a true down south, H-town rapper.