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Mista Roe

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You had better sit down before you press play on a Mista Roe cut. There are no words that best describe who he appeals to, because “Everybody” seems to be a bit unrealistic; That is, until you hear him. Mista Roe presents us with an R&B solo that announces his arrival with thunder. With influences of ***R. Kelly, John Legend, Ryan Leslie, Babyface, Prince, Dave Hollister, and Jagged Edge, the music world is about to take notice of this emerging powerhouse. Mista Roe lived life as a Ratchet City troublemaker as a kid. His musical gift was apparent when the first word he ever spoke was in the key of F, but Mista Roe was on the fast track to becoming the statistic that is the status quo of the inner city. His on the job experience was abandonment, drugs, gangs, and violence. The only thing missing from his resume was reaching executive street level by either being put in jail or killed tragically. He was working to fill that position when one day he was confronted by a rival. Unbeknownst to Mista Roe, his mother held a prayer vigil that very night, and in the midst of it, she received a phone call to inform her that her son was in the middle of a gun battle. She drove fearlessly to the front line and demanded he get into her car. Her selfless love paired with divine intervention at that moment refocused his ambitions. His music was a catalyst of change for the better.
The singer founded a group called (214)Rush that had a wealth of talent. Their five part harmony built respect for them at home, but beyond the streets, no one of notoriety took him and the group seriously. They decided to step beyond their boundaries and enter a national talent competition. Mista Roe and his crew mesmerized the audience, receiving top honors and a deal to begin living their dream with the help of a manager whose group topped the charts (Roderick "Pooh" Clark "Hi-5"). In spite of the success his newly formed R&B group experienced by touring and performing recognizable venues such as the Majestic Theatre, Palm Beach, etc., the other members of the group began drifting and eventually split, causing him to feel terrible loss at the idea of having wasted so much hard work with the light at the end of the tunnel right at their fingertips. “If they quit, I may as well quit too,” Mista Roe supposed. He closed his songbook, hung up the mic, turned his back to the stage, and simply walked away owning the notion that he had left music for good.
Mista Roe realized not too long afterwards that his plans were not those that God has for him. His reputation was already out. The velvet voice could not be denied. He was asked repeatedly to join other musicians, but turned them down remembering the pain of the past. But what could a young Mista Roe do when he was taken by the arm and pulled onstage with his uncle in front of a packed house? Better sing, of course! And sing he did as the encores that fateful night turned into years as the lead for his uncle’s band, "Chocolate River". There was contentment for him in performing with the band, but not for those who knew him across the country. The intrigue with his sound finally hit home at the end of 2006 when a close friend called him from hundreds of miles away for some help in the studio. When Mista Roe heard the instrumental his friend had done, he closed his eyes and asked him to replay it, and proceeded to improvise an entire verse. It was like a flash of lightning struck them. They looked at each other and smiled. Before the day was done, his first single “Lose Control” had been written, arranged, and recorded. He embraced his call as a vocalist with a new found confidence that has lead to invitations to perform for elite audiences—elected officials, society clubs, and as an opening act for Mint Condition in front of thousands at a time. Now it’s time for Mista Roe to stand in the spotlight again. He is fully dedicated to his career as a musician, and has returned to the studio with Ground Up Records to complete a full length project. On the road, he is finding that his talent strikes a chord with audiences wherever he goes. Mista Roe is leaving such an indelible impression of passion and inspiration in his music, that his exceptional vocal gift will be timeless. Written by: Tawni DiVaughn of Legacy Entertainment