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Modular Ensemble

Modular Quartet
Marco Caredda Roberto Migoni
Francesco Ciminiello Roberto Pellegrini

The Modular is “a mutant ensemble of musicians” (according to the definition given by the musicians themselves) which found and partially continues to search his sound figure through the percussion, although the percussion sounds are not identified as an exclusive and sectoral purview, but on the contrary as an opportunity to widely focalize the attention on some of the most considerable features of the contemporary music thought.
The Modular project took his first steps since 2005 near academic activities of research and study conducted at Percussion Classes of the Academy of Music of Cagliari, and the Academy percussionists themselves are his main core, sometimes with the necessary help of other musicians according to the staff necessities.
“Drumming” by Steve Reich constituted the first important production of the ensemble (“Primo Festival di Percussioni” 2005 – “Musica Sulle Bocche” 2006 – “Signal” 2007 – “Festival Spaziomusica” 2010) and it has been enriched by the significant contribution of David Cossin (percussionist of “Bang on a Can”) whom edited the orchestration.
The experience and collaboration with Cossin continued in 2007 by exploring the compositional universe of Steve Reich and the musical performance of “Sextet”, “Music for pieces of wood” and “Marimba Phase” (“Signal Festival” – 2007). Two years later, in September 2009, the percussionist piece “Persephassa” made by Iannis Xenakis has been represented for the first time in Sardinia.

The Modular Quartet was born inside this “modular” organization of changeable staff and since the beginning was inspired by the achievement of explore the percussive sound starting from different but interlaced operating modalities:

New music study,
according to the interpretation of “classic” of contemporary music – “Workers Union” by Louis Andriessen, “Third Construction” by John Cage, “Drumming Part One” by Steve Reich – as well as brand new compositions – “Imagines Vocis” (2009) by Francesco Marceddu, “Sonazzos” (2009) by Alessandro Milia, “Arcaica” (2011) by Andrea di Paolo, “Restituita alla Terra” (2011) by Marcello Liverani, “The Golden Record” (2011) by Andrea Sarto, “Galéne” (2011) by Roberto Vetrano, “The So-Called Laws of Nature” (2002 – first Italian execution in Lecce 2012) by David Lang, “Le Percussioni del Conservatorio di Cagliari e Campobasso” (2009), Savoia Theatre, Campobasso, “Festival spaziomusica”, Cagliari 2009 – “Sonus de Atongiu”, Cagliari 2010, “Meccanica”, Rosas Mines, Narcao 2011, “Sound Res”, Lecce 2012 – “Imaginary Landscapes”, Cagliari 2012

Radical Improvisation,
With the instant compositions of Modular Quartet on scripts written and narrated by Gianluca Medas (“In Principio Era Energia, Cagliari 2009)

Multimedial situations,
Since 2009 the Modular Quartet began to collaborate with musicians, composers and artist of new audiovisual technologies, around multimedial projects realized and directed by Fabrizio Casti, whom is the main music author of: “Harmonices Mundi” (2009), “Mechanic World” (2010) (Mental Trafic, Villa Verde 2009 – Mental Trafic, Baradili 2010, Spaziomusicaricerca, Cagliari 2009).