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Mojo Blues Band

So what is a mojo? It is, in short, the staple amulet of African-American hoodoo practice - a red flannel bag containing one or more magical items.

It is a lucky charm that often is sung about in the Blues. It can keep bad luck & sickness away from you or it can bring good luck in love or gambling. If this is all humbug & if it is only to draw money out of pockets of supersticious people or if these mojos keep their promises, no one really knows. You have to believe & then it works.
And what is contained in the mojo? Well, that varies a lot based on what the wearer wants to accomplish, by use of the amulet or what the maker finds affective or customary to use. You can put a spell on someone with all kinds of combinations of magical mixtures out of dried spider legs, rattlesnake rattles, dried frogs, bat wings, various herbs & roots, black cat bones, etc. There is also a mojo to put an erotic spell on someone, but it does not always seem to work out. Muddy Waters apparently had the wrong mojo when he was singing, "I got my mojo working, but it just don't work on you".
But what's really working out is the chemistry between the audience & the Mojo Blues Band, who have, for a quarter of a century, drawn their audiences in their spell & enthused Blues fans from all over the world. The Band is centered around Erik Trauner, representing a music community of musicians who are passionate for the Blues. The Mojo Blues Band made the exotic language of the Blues to their own. Comparitive to a second hand mother language with all their dialects are ... the traditional Chicago Blues ...just as well as swinging R&B & rolling boogie woogie. The music of Louisiana also always appealed to the Mojos & with a Zydeco influenced number, "Rosalie", they even climbed to #1 on the charts in 1988. Axel Melhardt, owner of Jazzland, a major Jazz & Blues club in Vienna quoted, "In Europe in their field, they are a band with no competition". The Band recorded more than a dozen albums & can look back on endless lists of cooperations with numerous international Blues legends. It's like reading a "Who's Who" of the international Blues scene.

The Mojo Blues Band have been requested to play most of the relevant festival & concert stages in Europe & the U.S. Even though they have played many years in many places, the fire is still burning.

The Sound
The Mojo Blues Bands attempts a homogeneous sound. Not the endless soloing of the individual musician, but the question/answering dialogue between the instruments, have priority. A concert with the Mojo Blues Band is always a dynamic suspenseful, hot to cold tub of feelings, with humor inbetween. Sponeity & audience participation is always a guarantee for a fun night in the sense of an emotional retreat for people who suffer from loud, pop, plastic music.

Although the respect towards the endless idols of the Blues, like Muddy waters, Jimmy Reed, Sonny Boy Williamson or T-Bone Walker, the most important thing is to find your own musical path. Blues is not only a form of music, it is the expression of a life style. That is the opinion of Erik Trauner who says, "It's all about developing your own handwriting, there is no room for jiving. If you have not lived you have nothing to tell. Like fine wine, the older we get, the better we get."