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Monika Cyrani

To experience a live concert with Monika is to experience joy in being alive. Members of the German audience, first arriving serious and quiet, leave beaming and excited. Groups of people who were strangers before the concert have been known to sing concert highlights together at the station while waiting for their train home. When Monika sings, hearts open. The concert is a shared, interactive experience, the singer, musicians and audience communicating in the universal language.

"To me, singing means an on-going challenge to be genuine and honest with myself and with others. That is the only way I can touch my audience and involve them in the feelings and experiences I want to express in my songs"

Monika Cyrani's unique character lies in her undauntable spirit, the power of her voice and creative musical expression, and in her dedication to her art. Her passion is reflected in many of her biographical musical compositions, such as "Music Is My Life" or "A Gift From Heaven", two songs she is currently preparing for her new CD. A prolific songwriter who is gifted with continual inspiration, Monika sometimes writes a song a day. As soon as she sits down at the keyboard and looks at the keys, a melody often surfaces in her mind. The song wanting to be born usually comes in one of the three languages she writes in, English, German, or Czech. She hears them in her head, as though she were listening to music from another world, and brings them to life here and now as accurately as she can capture them. She feels some songs are messengers bearing a vision of harmony, light, and joy. Others tell of the torment of trying to attain this vision in our imperfect and often materialistic world. But all express Monika's indominable faith and unwavering determination to remain true to herself and to her gift.