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Sebastian Ungh started Monogatari 2007. After haven spent a long time in various local bands with musicians lacking real commitment, he decided that time was nigh to have a group of his own, so he could be able to make the music he wanted, when he wanted without any limitations to the instrumentation. This way he got a chance to experiment with new sounds and play instruments that aren't usually used in popular music.

Liberating himself creatively this way he headed fast forward in this new direction, wrote a bunch of songs and quickly recorded It May Have Seemed Like a Sign of Hope That the Birds Followed Them Out Into the Vastness of the Open Sea. It were reciewed well and got some attention and good reviews.

Live Sebastian Ungh have been joined by various gifted musicians during the years. In its smallest setting Monogatari have performed as a duo but there have also been as many as ten persons at the stage. Right now the live members are Sebastian Ungh, Jens Ihlström, Matilda Cederqvist and Hanna Folkemark Ellborg.

2013 Monogatari will release three new albums: "One Step Forvard and Two Steps Back?", "It's Almost Like a Dance." and "Come On, Let's Shake It!"