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Moray is a collaboration of Ric Mora, Rob Banks, and Antony Campos. Moray's debut EP was released in October 26, 2012. Their musical influence spans over many genres, and is composed by an array of artists like 10cc, ELO, Peter Gabriel, The Cocteau Twins, Pink Floyd, and Dead Can Dance. Although their music has deep roots in psychedelic rock, it expresses flights in Shoegaze, Dream Pop, and Electronic Ambient Rock.
Moray has two releases VooDoo Love in 2012 and Heaven's Falls in 2013.
Heaven's Falls:
Their latest project Heaven's Falls was released May 1st 2013, May Day 2013, and it features songs about love, loss, and hate. Love is a powerful emotion that both inspires and motivates, and if unfulfilled can evokes envy and hate, two sides to the same state.
VooDoo Love:
The VooDoo Love EP centers around the macabre history of New Orleans and its Voodoo legends. It tells the story of an anonymous victim who has succumb to the powers of the Zombie curse, and is subsequently buried and forgotten. Once he is awakened, almost a century later, he finds himself in a nightmarish world as a Zombie. Conflicted with his feelings of love toward his mistress and his desire to consume human flesh, he roams the unfamiliar landscape of a modern city, superimposed over his memories of old. Along the way he finds himself caught between two planes, that of the living and that of the unbound souls of the dead. Walking among these spirits he is inundated with sights and sounds of the past comingled with the present, where he must find his loved ones or their decedents, but to what purpose? In a city like New Orleans in where time seemingly stands still, it becomes difficult to know what is the past and what is the present.