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Moray is a collaboration of Ric Mora, Rob Banks, and Antony Campos. Moray's debut EP was released in October 26, 2012. Their musical influence spans over many genres, and is composed by an array of artists like Jimi Hendrix, 10cc, ELO, Peter Gabriel, The Cocteau Twins, Pink Floyd, and Dead Can Dance. Although their music has deep roots in psychedelic rock, it expresses flights in Shoegaze, Dream Pop, and Electronic Ambient Rock.
Moray has three releases VooDoo Love in 2012, Heaven's Falls in 2013, and Human Ecology in 2015.

Heaven's Falls:
Heaven's Falls was released on May 1st 2013, May Day, and it features songs about love, loss, and hate. Love is a powerful emotion that both inspires and motivates, and if unfulfilled can evoke both envy and hate, these two sides of such a powerful emotion has been the source of much inspiration.

Human Ecology:
Human Ecology was released in May 2015. It is the third release by Moray and is more introspective of the artist and their local environment. We are both in a cutting edge of a new music scene and at the forefront of environment changes such as climate change. Our music reflects these emerging energies and distills them into a genera mixing musical pop soundscape.

VooDoo Love:
The VooDoo Love EP is a sound track for a mini series of music videos about a Zombie in New Orleans.
The VDL EP centers within a macabre history of New Orleans and its Voodoo legends. It's a story of an anonymous victim who has succumb to the powers of the Zombie curse. Becoming ill at first, then comatose, he is eventually pronounced dead and is then buried. Meanwhile the powerful VooDoo Queen who entombed him was killed before she cold retrieve him and complete the curse. So our victim and friend, the sleeping Zombie, was then forgotten over many years. Suddenly he is awakened by a powerful storm that brakes open his tomb and is freed. Where he finds himself in a nightmarish world as a Zombie, amazingly he still retains his youthful appearance, although changed greatly. He was cursed by the VooDoo Queen but not enslaved and thus becoming a lost Zombie. Trapped between two planes, that of the living and that of the unbound souls who wander through the still standing buildings of an old city. It has been a least a hundred year since he was pronounced dead. This now anachronistic man roams our streets and judges our souls to choose his victims. Through the eyes of the Zombie we are inundated with sights and sounds of the past co mingled with the present, where he must find his loved ones, or their descendants, as they are reborn into new lives. In the city-scape of New Orleans, time is still for some, raising questions of love and mortality that are difficult to perceive.