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Born with an undeniable musical gene, Lamario “Mouthpi3ce” Houston, an American Christian rap artist and evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who without compromise proclaims his passion and zeal for the Kingdom of God. After giving his life to Christ at the age of 20, Mouthpi3ce surrendered all of his musical gifts and talents to the Lord to lyrically proclaim God’s life changing plan of salvation to the lost and to encourage believers to “go hard after God, with passion, without wavering, fully persuaded in His love.” After years of behind the scenes work and independent efforts, he gained public notoriety in 2008 when he was featured on the title track “Kingdom Business” from Grammy and Stellar nominated gospel artist and personal friend Canton Jones. This creative collaboration brought forth his first feature in a music video which exposed him to a bigger audience dramatically growing his fan base. He is best known for his controversial 2009 mixtape,”Lost and Found”, which his fans and critics have deemed one of the best Christian Hip Hop mixtapes ever to be released. With heart-gripping, introspective songs of personal tragedy and loss like “Broken”,” I’m Sorry” and “Give Him More”, Mouthpi3ce transcended the lines of “Safe Christian rap” to “Music that exposes; music that heals”. Since then he has released 3 independent projects: “No Grey Lines”, “The Flood”, and “B.A.S.S.”, all receiving a 4 out of 5 stars rating by Christian Hip Hip’s largest media website “”.

“I just feel like I have so much to share with the world…I need to preach it…I need to teach it…I need to reach the lost…I need to see people set free.”-Mouthpi3ce, 2012

Mouthpi3ce is revered by his uncompromising presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is respected by his peers for having a flow and delivery comparable to Hip Hop’s mainstream elite artists. His God given gift to write excellent songs with incredible rhyme schemes has given his music the abilty to cross over to arenas outside the church walls. With a strong conviction for biblical righteousness, his music is distinct for possessing the power to convict and encourage, pointing listeners toward the Cross and Him crucified.

“Life is a marathon, we all need encouragement…I am that person who gives you the water, the person who gives you the motivation to keep going, to keep running…not to win, but to finish…there’s a difference.”-Mouthpi3ce, 2012

In his 10 year career as a Christian Rap Artist, Mouthpi3ce has had the privilege to minister and inspire many from performance stages to juvenile detention centers with an undying desire to see Christ manifested in the lives of the lost and found alike. His influence and fan base continues to grow with every album release. From Facebook friends to Twitter followers, his revelation of God’s heart and purpose for every believer has been echoed throughout social media and urban Christendom. Of his future, Moutpi3ce reflects, “God willing, before my time is up, I will have delivered a proverbial “mouth” full of God’s glory and power to this world.”

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