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Mr. Loco

The half Latino, half Scandinavian rapper Mr. Loco was born in Novato, Ca 1981 and lived in different parts of the Bay area with his mother until she passed away in 1991. He then moved to his father over seas hoping to grow up in a more secure environment, but instead he got caught up in crime as a teenager and ended up getting sent to, 2 different juvenile correction centers where he spent a year in total. When he got out, he started selling drugs and affiliated himself with other people in the same buisness who also had ties to Eastern European criminal organizations. In the end of 2003 Mr. Loco started taking his music more serious and had hope on a way out of the life where his friends had either ended up in heavy drug abuses, in jail or dead. In 2004 is when everything really started taking off after Mr. Loco started collaborating with internationally known artists and labels such as Cee-Rock The Fury, Mob Life Records and Steady Mobbin Productions. In 2005 DJ Pimp and Assassin of Thug Life took Mr. Loco under their wing and schooled him on the game and Mr. Loco became a part of Mike Mosley's legendary Steady Mobbin and Assassin's Liferdef Mafia. Since then Mr. Loco has been involved in releasing more then 20 mixtapes including the 2009 release "DJ King Assassin presents: D.L.E.MM.A. & Mr. Loco - 4 Tha Thugz & Guttar Folk", which was a West Coast / East Coast collaboration project that had heavy influence and support by 2pac's former crews, Thug Life and Outlawz and it was hosted by Assassin. Mr. Loco has also had the opportunity to work with other big names such as Tha Realest, Assassin, San Quinn, West Turf, JT The Bigga Figga, Mopreme Shakur, Big Fase 100 and too many more to name. To make it as short as possible, Mr. Loco is very well connected and respected amongst the OG's and has had a chance to prove him self as a serious artist in the game.

You might have heard Mr. Loco on other album's, compilations and mixtapes as well. He's been featured on Lil Prophet Presents: 2pac - World Wide Mob Figga, West Turf Presents, Nation Wide Networking, a number of the popular mixtape series "West Coast Gunsmoke" and many many more!
Mr. Loco has been involved in over 30 mixtapes and is now releasing his debut album "O.G. Status" that will be available here on CD Baby. The album also features Assassin, Big Fase 100, Mopreme Shakur, JT The Bigga Figga, San Quinn and many more!! Be on the lookout for this project and many more to come!
Wize Guyz Global Digital Ent. / Steady Mobbin is comin up!