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One of the most impacting experiences of my life came as a young man. My time serving people in the bush of Tanzania, East Africa was a real eye opener. For some reason I always remembered the respectful Swahili term with which young men and women often used when seeing their elders.
“Mzee” – it can mean honored older man, or father figure. How did I ever get to be this age? I seem to have slipped into this stage of life despite my struggle to maintain youth and purpose. Only time will tell whether I will deserve the honor of being recognized as an Mzee.
I am a writer, songwriter, and storyteller of sorts. Mzee music is the site where my songs of observation and social commentary are displayed. They are meant to be fun and hopefully bring a smile to the listeners face while still arousing a response to deeper issues of life. I hope to add other artists songs to this site and link-- that it may become a true gallery.

I wrote the Just-Life Trilogy to be as much about ministry as about music. If “Don’t make them pay” can turn even a few men or women back from the destructive road they are on, and its effect on their families…. i will have been rewarded. If “Still a good life” can help some people find peace and forgiveness after failure…. then i am glad. And if “Your great and your last“ might help those who have found love — to celebrate it… the world will be a brighter place! “Work as if you don’t need the money… love as if you have never been hurt.. and dance as if no one is watching.”