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Naomi Hall

I breathe. I hiccup. My Borg name is Eight of Seven. I think breakfast is the most romantic meal of the day. I like to play Bach’s Invention No. 4 at least once a day. I’ve been kicked out of a liquor store at 2pm. I watched “Days of Our Lives” religiously for 10 years. I don’t know how to put on make-up. I am generally hungry, but salads make me sad. I tip generously. I can’t dance. I am half-Japanese. I type excellently on both Dvorak and Qwerty standard keyboards. I can has loves SQL, data, and cheeseburgers. I travel the world (outside of Warcraft). Brushing my teeth makes me happy if I’m feeling down. I always walk around a sewer grate. I drink lots of coffee…lots and lots of coffee. I own a Bat’leth. I’m afraid of getting my ears pierced. I am very happy with my Norwaynian from the land of Norwegia. What says the most about me is that I want to learn how to restore a 1972 Chevy Nova and paint it “panther pink.” Overall, I’m a wannabe girly-girl… and I love making music.