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New Jerusalem

Born December 16, 1964 in Scottsdale, Arizona; Thurane's father was a Burmese immigrant and his mother is of German-Irish descent. His mother sang him lullabies at bedtime and many were Christian spirituals. Thurane took piano lessons, struggled with the violin, sang in choir and played the baritone horn in concert band throughout grade school and junior high. He was introduced to the guitar and rock-n-roll through Elvis Presley albums his parents had, forming his first rock bands The Purple Platters and The Golden Pacers with friend Paul Cooley. Mesmerized by the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Van Halen and the popular music of the 80s, Thurane rejected his peers' witness for Christ and formed various secular rock groups during high school including Malice and No Respect. Playing bars, parties and high school functions, he simultaneously achieved straight As in jazz lab in high school receiving a soloist award at the Arizona State jazz competition. He showed promise early on as an accomplished musician and guitarist. Thurane moved from hard rock and metal guitar influences to rockabilly. "The roots of rock-n-roll come from Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Bill Haley, The Burnette Brothers, Eddie Cochran and the Do-Wop groups. The British Invasion is an extension of that music, taking it to the next level. Cream, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin took it further still," says Thurane.

His first professional achievement was the recording of a 45 rpm single She's My Baby b/w Goin' To Alaska, playing guitar on it with rockabilly artist Tim Evans. He also backed legendary Phoenix rockabilly artist Elgin Macmillan from 1984-1987. While pursuing an intense desire to create music, Thurane left home at eighteen. The pressures of earning a living and working with uncommitted musicians forced Thurane to return home, which inspired his first steps towards God and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That time was 1987, when in July Thurane prayed to receive Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Two years later he briefly returned to secular music, co-founding Led Zeppelin stylized group Nowhere Fast. As he studied the bible and learned about discipleship, Thurane learned about total spiritual commitment in all areas of life. Leaving the band and taking a sabbatical from the music industry, he was baptized in September of 1989. Rick Schell of Campus Crusade for Christ discipled Thurane. They focused on prayer, fasting, church activities and serving God in various outreaches and homeless aid programs. Thurane ran sound and assisted with supporting the artists who sang at his church, avoiding performance. However, motivated by a need for a music minister at his church, Thurane led worship services for the small congregation at Camelback Community Church.

By 1992, inspired by the energy of hymns, inspirational, praise and worship and adult contemporary Christian music, Thurane played guitar with ministries Seeds of Salvation (SOS) and His Destiny. Douglas Scott Doiron asked him to play guitar and produce his "Winds of Change" EP. During that time Thurane secured his first publishing contracts. He also laid down tracks for what later became the first New Jerusalem CD, and finalized additional publishing and distribution arrangements.

Returning to secular music for a brief time, he played guitar with Arizona rock legend Michael Nitro in 1993. They opened for notable artists Gin Blossoms, Rick Springfield and Gerry Riopelle. A notable appearance at the 98 KUPD radio station event "U-Fest" in Arizona was featured at the famous Compton Terrace outdoor arena.

Still desiring to establish a Led Zeppelin stylized Christian band, Thurane established New Jerusalem with Randall James Householder as vocalist in 1994. After releasing 1995 EP "Foundation" and 1996 independent CD "New Jerusalem", he signed their first record deal with Gray Dot/Bulletproof Music in 1997. Selling respectably and reaching hard rock fans, their song "Take Me Home" reached #32 on the Christian rock charts and is included in the ABC made-for-TV movie "What We Did That Night"/"Murder At Devil's Glen" featuring "NYPD Blue" star Rick Schroeder and Tara Reid of "American Pie". "Take Me Home" is published by DSM Producers/Warner/Tamerlane. "Living In the Light" reached #11 on the Christian Loud Chart. New Jerusalem is unique in that a special NJ trading card from the Cactus Game Design game Redemption is featured exclusively in the New Jerusalem CD; and NJ music is included in the CDROM game Saints of Virtue. "Con Express" features NJ song "Final Stand", penned by Thurane and stars Sean Patrick Flanery ("Simply Irresistible") and Arnold Vosloo ("The Mummy"). The band performs throughout Arizona and nationally, currently working on an international distribution campaign. Moving into Adult Contemporary, Inspirational and Praise & Worship music in 1999, Thurane formed Kenyon Grey with Kenn Long (from Phoenix group Destiny). They signed a deal with RCM Records, owned by Rudy Morales of King David, a national progressive rock group based in Phoenix. The first Kenyon Grey single "Heaven In Your Eyes" charted in the top 100 at the CCMA and is to be featured in "A Fairy's Tale", screenplay written by Kenn. After marrying and becoming a stepfather in 2001, Thurane prayed and did a lot of soul searching concerning a solo career. He felt led by God to establish a solo music ministry, praising God in song with music inspired by Him. Thurane lives with wife Renada and stepson Torrey in Phoenix, Arizona. He loves spending time with his wife and stepson, watching movies and working out. Thurane also likes to spend time in prayer and worship with an appreciation of art and music.

Published "All My Heart" & "Living In the Light" with Woodrich - Founded New Jerusalem - Signed New Jerusalem Trading Card deal with Cactus Game Design for Redemption trading card game (Cactus Game Design licensed Scattergories to Milton Bradley) - Signed New Jerusalem to independent label Gray Dot/Bulletproof Music (Gray Dot originally signed Third Day; Bulletproof Music now Bulletboy Music) 7,000 units sold - "Take Me Home" #32 on the Christian Rock chart - Published "Take Me Home" with Warner-Tamerlane/DSM Producers for film What We Did That Night/Murder At Devil's Glen ("What We Did That Night" features NYPD Blue star Rick Schroeder and Tara Reid of American Pie) - "Living In the Light" #11 on the Christian Loud chart - Licensed New Jerusalem music to Cactus Game Design for CDROM game Saints of Virtue.

Co-founded Kenyon Grey with Kenn Long, signed to RCM Records and charted on the CCMA with "Heaven in Your Eyes", co-written with Kenn.

New Jerusalem #1 artist at IUMA, & Soundclick - "Final Stand" used in the Sean Patrick Flanery (Simply Irresistible) / Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy) film Con Express Nitrogen Music / Source Q Boutique -

Focused on marriage and family; established official launch of solo music ministry - 2003 / 2004 - Thurane of New Jerusalem #1 artist at Soundclick - "You Are My Life" & "I'll Fly Away" in The Sum of One - "Heaven In Your Eyes", "Arms of Love", "You Are My Life" & "I Know" in Thurane! TV show - "Chasing Rainbows", "I'll Fly Away" & "Final Stand" in Vampire Slayers - "I'll Fly Away" in "Pieces of A Dream" film trailer, Thurane played a bit part - "Arms of Love", "You Are My Life" & "Wait For You" published by Pegasus Music - "Take Me Home" used in "The Whistler", Thurane played a bit part, composed the music with Kenyon Grey & provided Audio services - Thurane is an original Founder and former Manager-Member of R2K Entertainment, LLC.

In the early 2,000's, Thurane became a worship team member and leader for various churches throughout the Greater Phoenix Valley area, most notably Northern Hills Community Church.