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1980 - September 18th, 1980 Nichol9 was born in Painesville, Ohio, a small suburb of Cleveland. Through his early childhood, according to family and friends, he was always performing, dancing and singing. He participated in school talent shows from 3rd through 5th grades.

1989 – Although songs may have been written before then, an actual song he had written when he was nine years old was saved. The song was called “Rock My Way” and was written in a rap/hip hop influence.

1992 – He always loved music and now a little older realized he had a better shot in the industry with Rock and Roll, so he purchased an electric guitar and learned to play. Over the span of his teenage and adulthood years, he would be in several bands, but never pursue anything more than getting together to play and doing a few live performances.

1999 – He met a girl that had connections with the Insane Clown Posse. Seizing the opportunity to get a foot in the door, he new he needed to record some of the songs he had been working on. Not knowing where to book time or who to work with, he hooked up with local rap group “Whyte Trash”, now known as “The Union”, who had opened up for acts such as 98 degrees and the Mo Thugs Family Tour. They lead him to GTR Studio in Cleveland, Ohio where he recorded his first track ” Hold Me Down”. It appeared that ICP had liked it, but wanted to hear more from the unknown artist. He recorded another song within weeks titled “Wicked Shit” and also came up with his stage name SKITZO which was suited towards Psychopathic Records. They really liked this new song and things seemed to be headed in the right direction, but complications with this girl, Skitzo (Nichol9) and ICP drove all parties involved in separate directions.
Skitzo then created what would be the 1st version of F*ck Da Clownz featuring Cloud E. Skyz of “The Union”. This song would land him his first minor record deal with Grappler Unlimited based in Cleveland, Ohio. Grappler Unlimited had a relationship with Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records and was determined to feature Eminem on this track. The three never hooked up and Skitzo eventually left Grappler Unlimited with no binds.

2000 – He received a call from Cloud E. Skyz (The Union) , who informed him that well known producer Michael Seifert was giving price breaks on his beats. Michael worked for GTR, but left to open his own studio. At that time Michael had already produced “Thugmentality” for Krayzie Bones multiplatinum album with the same name and countless other hits. Skitzo quickly purchased a track and recorded his first song “Just Corrupted” on what would be his debut EP.

2001 – Since he had the opportunity to work with Michael Seifert, he continued to purchase tracks from him. Skitzo re-recorded F*ck Da Clownz and finished the Intro to his debut EP. The new version of F*ck Da Clownz spread worldwide and has been one of the most talked about independent songs in recent history. It has gained over 30,000+ hits on, has been mentioned in several magazines and even has it’s own cell phone ringtone. Skitzo was put into the urban dictionary and in his definition, it mentions F*ck Da Clownz. This song becoming so well-known, would later on be the reason he had to change his stage name.

2002 – He finished up “The Skitzo Ep throughout the year. He recorded “Hold Me Down”, which featured yet another member of “The Union”, Suga Shak. He completed a song titled “The Gift”, which was written about his friend, Jeff Vest, who was killed back in 1997 by a moving locomotive. The song had a very unique and original twist to the chorus, for it featured actual sound bytes from news castings that were done about the death of his friend. Skitzo and Michael Seifert then mastered all the tracks to complete “The Skitzo EP”.

2003 – He received a letter from a lawyer, stating that this name was being used by the group that he represents. A heavy metal band named “SKITZO”. They were going to file charges for several things, one being harassment of their website. F*ck Da Clownz had become so big that ICP fans constantly harassed their website forcing the band to put a message on their front page stating that they were not responsible for the recording of that song. To avoid any further complications with this band, he decided to switch his stage name and became Nichol9. In March, he went to Cancun, Mexico with what would now be called “The Nichol9 EP”. He gave copies out for no charge and got to perform at Senor’ Frogs. This would be the last anyone would see of him.

2008 to present– After a long break, the underground rapper has finally got back in the studio to work on his new album titled “Throwback Lane”. He has already collaborated with Bizarre of Eminem’s group D12 and a well know Cleveland artist named Poylsh.