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Nico's Alchemy

From: reviewing "Fundamental Darkness" By Maggie Woods

SOMETIMES SETTING OUT ON THE ROAD to establish a musical career takes time. Nico Tamburella started playing guitar at the age of ten and was actually performing live in his first band, Stardust, by the age of 14 he performed his own compositions on stage, in radio studios and on many television shows in his native Italy.

Nico then formed his own band, Nico's Fleet, which was signed in the early 90s by the Videostar/BMGAriola label and which released two albums, Born For Your Ears and Burned Down To The Wire.
Both albums went down a storm in Continental Europe, while Guitar World USA's Mike Varney proclaimed him a Hometown Hero in L.A.

Nico's Fleet flew to America and based themselves in Los Angeles, playing every rock club gig on the local circuit —
Things were looking good, but Nico's personal life in Italy was falling apart and he flew home to a messy divorce that left him creatively empty. He then moved lock, stock and barrel to London — arguably the rock 'n' roll capital of the world.

In a passion of pure inspiration, Nico wrote We Will Win, the first song he had written for some time. It was snapped up by Sony Music in 2005 for one of their Popular Spanish artistes (Lexter) and was placed on the soundtrack of 20th Century Fox/MGA movie The Bratz, which went on to sell millions.

Rejuvenated (and refinanced!) Nico built his own recording studio and started to look for the best rock musicians he could find who shared his love of hard rock music and were similarly driven to perfection. Candido, Stanner and Wire immediately felt ignited by the obvious musical chemistry and in 2006/7 Nico's Alchemy was fully formed.

After two years painstakingly putting down tracks in Nico's studio — all the while gigging around U.K.'s rock clubs testing out new material clocking over 200 shows —Fundamental Darkness (a Buddhist term indicating a state of internal hell and blindness) was born.

And what a birth! Heralding Nico's Alchemy as a hard rock sensation, Fundamental Darkness is hypnotic and devilishly good with deliciously enigmatic and sexy tracks.
Laden with positive vibes and music excellence, Nico's Alchemy sounds very established as Nico works his magic to the full; an unbelievable mix of rockfest to suit all tastes.

Nico says: "What I like in rock music is spontaneity. I like to play the whole as one take — it doesn't matter how perfect — what matters is what it's got; if it touches you then that's the one."

The publicity machine describes It's Enough, Miss Sensation, Save Me Jesus and Shine On as full-on, balls-to-the-wall modern metal anthems with high-voltage guitar solos. Stylish rock tracks they truly are, infused with energy and verve.

Nico Tamburella will not be one of rock music's undiscovered guitar heroes for much longer once the cognoscenti of the rock world get their ears around Fundamental Darkness — a stunning, melodic hard rock masterpiece of an album.

Fundamental Darkness Tracklisting

1 No Time For Sadness | 2 It's Enough | 3 Miss Sensation | 4 Save Me Jesus | 5 Shine
On | 6 A Leap In Space | 7 Sleeping With The Devil | 8 Fading Away | 9 Fundamental Darkness | 10 Miles Away